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Monday, June 17, 2019


This concept of remembering by tying a string around your finger comes from Numbers 15:37-39

The Holy Bible English version for the Deaf
The Lord said to Moses, "Speak to the people of Israel. Tell them these things: I will give you something to remember my commands. Tie several pieces of thread together and tie them in the corner of your clothes. Put a piece of blue thread in each one of these tassels. You mush wear these things now and forever. You will be able to look at these tassels and remember all the commands that the Lord has given you. 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Did you know?

stewardesses is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand

Monday, June 3, 2019


This past Sunday was Hubby and I's 52nd wedding anniversary and I had a hankering for tropical. I teased hubby and said "Want to make a trip to Hawaii?" He promptly responded "No". We have been several times so what is the next best thing? Find a hotel that looks tropical! I had seen pictures of this Embassy Suites so I booked a room and away we went. It isn't really the same because the trees aren't real but if you squint it's pretty good.

From the pool area looking in

Glass elevator and rooms surrounding the atrium


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Did you know?

Image result for picture of hippopotamus

A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside.
The name Hippopotamus comes form the Ancient Greek 'river horse'.
Despite those short stocky legs they can run up to 30 km/h for a short distance.
The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and is often regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. However, if threatened on land it will often run for water.