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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012
(The real year of hope and change)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

La posada revisited

Back in 2009 I posted a little about our stay at the La Posada in Winslow, Az.

But the La Posada is one of those places you could visit several times a year and have a different experience. The fact that they are constantly working on the renovations and the Tina Mion paintings are always being rotated and they have many different displays at different times of the year.....of course in Dec. it is Christmas.
They have added a new section of rooms off the gift shopcalled the East wing where we stayed this past week-end. I have to tell you the thing I loved the most about this room was the bathroom! Here are some pictures...
They used the Mexican style tile in the sink area and incorporated it into the shower........

as noted at the bottom of the tub but see that middle section?

Here it is close up. Gorgeous!!

I also loved the black hardware they chose....

The rest of the room was nice as well but if it had been warm the patio just outside the door would have been lovely (it was a chilly 22 degrees when we left Tues morning).
I took so many pictures I will have to cut down what I post or you will be exhausted!

Many of the Christmas decorations were not only pretty but very different like these little cones just sitting on a table in one of the hallways.
They were made with pipe cleaners and little balls!

They have a lot of tin art but this was a star for Christmas.

They also had a train (how appropriate for the Sante Fe resort Harvey House)

He was going fast enough to blur the picture.

New was the miniature's of the passenger trains that so many people traveled on in years past....(something I hope to do one day).

In the dinning room they had a Christmas branch on each was hard to get a good picture
but they had taken just an old branch and covered it with translucent beads. They were quite pretty. The food at the Turquoise room is very different; warning a lot of it is hot with chilies. None the less, if you plan on eating there you best make reservations. Although it is not as it was in the past (as seen by  pictures) they have the old lights that are quite different...

and old place mats....

 Added tidbits......

A photo of how the staircase looked in 1930 and here it is today all decked out for Christmas....

As I said before there are always new displays like this wooden horse

I mentioned the Tina Mion paintings earlier and they are quite different. I didn't realize that I wasn't suppose to take pictures so I snapped a couple of my favorites before I realized it....She did a whole series of Presidents wives but only this one was on display. The following picture is very large and  is always displayed in the upstairs sitting room.

A lot of her art is a little unusual but some is very can read more about her here.
Of course the very best part of coming here is that is was saved from demolition and some the of rich history of the Harvey House's can actually be experienced, including the sound of the train whistle.

They had a new book available in the gift shop
It was a little pricey but there are many wonderful old pictures in it and info on this old movie that I didn't know existed. Will have to see if it can still be rented.

I doubt this will be my last post on the La posada:)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Chistmas

From my house to yours..........................................................

Friday, December 23, 2011

Look close...this is a wooden thread spool that has been hand carved (the picture doesn't do it justice) and I won it!
Thank you Connie (Far side of Fifty)........... It looks great on my tree:)

Monday, December 19, 2011


I have always favored snowmen and so this year I decided to have lots of them, some old and some new.

A new collection......

Some close ups......

Snowmen carolers

This one is for hubby from daughter several years ago.

 Up close.....

His and Her stockings

For hubby and me
Around the house.......

Night light that changes colors when on

Salt and Pepper shakers on the dinning room table

Cross stitch I made, by the front door.

Gift from daughter one year. See the spot on the snowman's hand?  This is what happens when you squeeze it...
(turn off music to hear)

Front porch.....

(ignore the hands holding the camera)

Well, there you have it......Snowmen galore.