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Saturday, September 21, 2019


It has been quiet on my side because we were in Texas to visit our daughter and family!

Son-in-law, daughter and granddaughter (granddaughter decided to live at home and do her last year of college on line and work and save girl)

They are renting and renovating this old homestead that sits on 30 acres and my daughter has become a farm girl! She has had rabbits for years and this one is so sweet as you can see by hubby getting a hug..
 His name is Oreo

She now has chicken and they come running when she calls them...They love blueberries.

The neighbor has cows and she has named them all and they come for treats too...

I had a video but can't get it to go....

The house is small and had many small rooms, they tore down the wall dividing the dining area and the living room and it turned out fantastic!
Son-in-law builds and fixes and daughter decorates:) They make a great team.

Daughter had to work the first day so son-in-law took us to Round Top for lunch.
It is famous for the Round Top Antiques Fair that started in 1968, Draws people from all around the world. We had lunch here

Famous for their pies, even had a order from one of our Presidents! and inside is plastered with memorabilia.

Great food and a fun place.
All of this area is Texas is very pretty and green and yes a bit humid.
(to be cont.)

Sunday, September 1, 2019

A little getaway

Last week-end Hubby and I went up to Cliff Castle Casino near Camp Verde. We have been there several times but they built a hotel so spent the night. You aren't suppose to take pictures in the casino (found out the hard) but I was able to get a few of some of the beautiful rock work.
Sitting at the bar
We had dinner here
With its rock walls and gentle waterfall, Storytellers captures the spirit of ancient Indian dwellings. The name comes from a Native American tradition of passing on history through storytelling.
Beautiful and the food is great.
A sitting place between the casino and the rooms
Breakfast buffet
Valet parking area
This is up on a hill and a pretty place. It is a higher elevation and hubby couldn't breathe good with the copd so we headed home early but was nice.