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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Collections cont.

Thimble's continued.......

All glass

Since this display is in the sewing/laundry room this seemed appropriate.

Bird in a cage

Trip to Maui


Ceramic rose

Okay....It was only a stop in the New Zealand airport  on the way to Australia but it was a golden opportunity:)

Panda Thimble

Sorry this is blurry but it was a trip to Panama

All wood


Horse Carousel

Trip to Alaska

The liberty Bell

Trip to Whistler, Canada

and lastly.....

Hubby and I are going to Costa Rica the end on May...need to remember to buy a thimble:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Time for another collections post.
First I am going to show you the culprit that created this collection
This is a thimble of sorts that belonged to my Mother. I thought it was cute and didn't want to part with it but where to put it.........

Some of these I bought just because they were different and others I bought from places we visited.

We had a competition here in Virginia City, Nev.

The Lords prayer wraps around this one and it is pewter.

From my trip to Graceland

From one of our tips to Hawaii

Easter basket

Love is a invitation to dance

A trip to New Hampshire

This is a Swedish word that my Grandmother often said. It is my understanding it is slang word and similar to us saying something like "crap"

Trip from Savannah, Georgia

Trip from Australia. This has a clay texture.

Couldn't ignore my home state.

Hand Painted ones

A leather one

Trip to New Orleans

Trip to South Dakota

Trip to Maderia, Portugal. This is a island and similar to our Hawaii.

More Christmas

(to be continued)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Forever relationship

No matter how you choose to celebrate Easter the point of the celebration is the forever relationship with God provided to us through Jesus Christ, God's son. It is beyond our comprehension and even a glimpse of a worldly example like  this couple leaving hand in hand from Easter brunch is a special blessing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My find

Yesterday I went to my favorite used store and look what I found
I just thought this would be a great take along knitting bag ..... it is unique

has zippered inside pockets
and magnetic snaps

I see that there is a little  paint coming off and one snap needs to be sewed back down but was a deal:) Now I'll be styling as well as knitting.