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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just for a smile

Some time back I saw a little coffee mug that made me smile. It had strawberries and looked like spring and summer. I decided I would buy it and have used it ever since.
As the seasons have passed I kept  thinking I should get one more for fall and winter but never found one I liked until last week....

Isn't it the cutest thing with a apple inside the rim.
After all living here in the desert we are a bit seasonal deprived.......


Monday, October 19, 2015

I phone woes

Two years ago hubby got a iPhone
and when the lady at Verizon (where we bought it) set it up for him she put his email address wrong on I cloud and created a password which we can't remember. After hearing him grumble about it for a LONG time I said okay...lets go to Verizon and get it fixed. Of course you know the routine...they say hello take your name and you have a seat. They say they can't fix it and to go home and get one line with a apple support person.
Apple support person has me back up I phone not once but twice and then I am suppose to just be able to download all of it back and it will be fixed. Wrong! Now he has no I phone data at all and the phone is locked. Off to the Apple store in the mall (hate going to the mall) and told we have to go back to Verizon to get a copy of our receipt of purchase so we can prove it is our phone, After the same scenario take name, wait  we get the receipt and go back to Apple and they unlock the phone and we correct the wrong info on the I cloud...Yahoo. Get home and can't get any emails:( Go back to Verizon and they say...go home and call Cox (our phone people) and they will help you. Go home and get phone people and after trying this and that and that and this she gives me a new password and poof! We have email.

Most of the back and forth took place on Sat. and it made for a lousy day but like I told him..."At least we were miserable together".

This is a good lesson on just how dependent we are with these gadgets!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A special day

Granddaughters 18th birthday!
Notice how she looks rather puzzled? Well typical of her Grandma, I came up with this unusual gift. A rolling back pack (not that unusual) but filled with 18 wrapped gifts. Some small like a couple of rolls of mementos which she loves to a new cork purse and face wipes and bubble wrap as a stress relief and  baggage tags and gift card and fifty dollars in cash for gas and lip balm etc. It was a fun time! She actually had two parties at the same place in one night. The first with us her family which included appetizers and dinner and cake and then with her friends which also included appetizers and pizza and two bond fires in the back yard. She is well loved:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Catching up

Last week-end hubby and I flew to Texas for the annual Colt show being held at the Embassy Suites in Frisco, Texas. All the Embassy suites are pretty much the same and they are always nice but this one had the best breakfast buffet:) You know it is good when you are thinking about breakfast as you are going to bed!
This was a decoration in the hallway going down to the convention center. It appeared it may light up at night but was never there after dark.

One of the many colt displays