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Friday, February 27, 2009

United States National Emblem

The Great Seal was finalized and approved on June 20, 1782 and reflects the beliefs and values that the Founding Fathers wanted to pass on to their descendents.
In the center of the seal is an bald eagle, our national bird. It holds in its beak a scroll inscribed E pluribus unum, which is Latin meaning "out of many, one" and stands for one nation that was created from 13 colonies. In one claw is an olive branch, while the other holds a bundle of thirteen arrows. The olive branch and arrows "denote the power of peace and war."
A shield with thirteen red and white stripes covers the eagle's breast. The shield is supported solely by the American eagle to denote that Americans should rely on their own virtue. The red and white stripes of the shield represent the states united under and supporting the blue, representing the President and Congress. The color white signifies purity and innocence; red, hardiness and valor; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Above the eagle's head is a cloud surrounding a blue field containing thirteen stars, which forms a constellation. The constellation denotes that a new State is taking its place among other nations.

The bald eagle owes its name to the early American colonist, and is bald in name only.
The American eagle was white-headed compared to the European gray eagle and the colonists translation for describing white headed ended up bald.

Emblems are pictures with a motto or set of verses intended as a moral lesson and played great importance in History. Since ancient times, men have identified themselves with the eagle, because it creates an impression of majesty and of power while in flight. Others that associated themselves with the symbol were ancient Romans, Emperor Charlemagne, and Napoleon so aren't we happy that the US followed suit rather than taking Ben Franklin's suggestion of a turkey............
He considered the eagle a "bird of bad moral character" because it lives "by sharping and robbing."

For me the difference is......... "free/self reliant or hand fed "...............

I vote for the Eagle

Monday, February 23, 2009


Origami (from oru meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper") is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one piece of paper.
Origami only uses a small number of different folds, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. The most well known form is probably the Japanese
paper crane. In general, these designs begin with a square sheet of paper whose sides may be different colors or prints. Contrary to most popular belief, traditional Japanese origami, which has been practiced since the Edo era (1603–1867), has often been less strict about these conventions, sometimes cutting the paper during the creation of the design.

In 2004 my hubby and I went on a Holland cruise and while sitting at the bar talking with one of the bartenders he proceeded to take a bar menu and make me this crane. I was soooooo impressed............I carefully carried it home and it continues to rests inside my antique china cabinet that I inherited from my Mom.

Every time I look at it, I remember that trip and the kindness of that man so here is an encouraging word.....................
Even if our dollar isn't worth much.......Look at all you can make with it

and my favorite............................................

If you would like to learn how to make these you can go to
Fight back...............USA USA USA

Friday, February 20, 2009

Open wide (satire)

Big Ideas, Grand Plans, Modest Budgets

Opening wide and swallowing doesn't always pan out real well....just ask this catfish that tried to swallow a basketball

It appeared that deflation was the only possibility for rescue

If this is the cure than we are on our way!

Deflation usually occurs because of a serious economic slowdown. If the present slowdown in economic growth turned into a major recession, deflation could become a real possibility. Deflation could occur because of:

Falling house prices reducing spending
Falling value of shares
Contraction in investment caused by banks being unwilling or unable to lend.
Falling economic growth causing firms to try cut prices and possibly wages.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pass it on

My paternal grandmother crocheted but in fillet style, meaning she didn't read a pattern but used graph patterns.......I find it amazing that she made this 40x 24 1/2 picture of the Lords supper. It is made from fine crochet thread and I have no idea how long it took her to complete it. What I do know is that my mother bought the supplies and asked her to make it for her church. I do not know why it didn't end up there but rather was rolled up and found after my mom passed away. I started to sell it in the estate sale but at the last minute decided not to.

I ended up having it mounted and framed and it hangs above the fireplace mantle in the master bedroom so glad I kept it.

My mother taught me how to crochet when I was maybe 10 years or so and we too used the thin crochet thread and made dollies and the like, crocheting with yarn wasn't really done much back then. Now, for the most part, people crochet with yarn and the dollies and etc. are things of the past.

After I married I had a desire to learn to knit so between books and a friend I learned the English way but let me tell you........I had those needles everywhere, stuck in my blouse, in my hair and etc. so my knitting accomplishments were very limited. Recently, I learned to knit continental style and I have found it to suit me well so I have been busy as a bee.

I tried to teach my daughter crocheting, knitting, embroidery, sewing and etc. but I am right handed and she is left handed and it just never worked out BUT I have great granddaughter (11 years old) has shown a great interest in learning so I went and bought one of the popular knitting loom sets and she has taken to it like a duck to water!! I had her over Thursday and showed her how to do it and by Sat. she had her first hat finished (she is going to join me in knitting hats for the homeless). She is coming today to let me help her take it off the loom and now my daughter says she wants to learn too so they can knit together!

I am so excited about having this special connection with my Granddaughter and she has said she wants me to teach her to sew too. I have had so many special times making things and have saved money in the process........

Everyone has special gifts and talents ......don't forget to pass them on.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be my Valentine

Nearly 17 years ago, I was introduced to a stargazer lily when I received one for my daughters wedding and it has been my favorite flower ever since. If you haven't smelled don't know what you are missing.
When I decided to quit smoking 12 years ago, I gave the three cigarettes left in my pack to my hubby and asked him to bring me three stargazers. Over the years he has brought me my favorite flower but this year he mixed them with beautiful red roses for Valentines which I am sharing with you:)
Sending you special valentine wishes..............
Valentine present
P.S. Be sure to eat two for each butt cheek...............................

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another word for "Stimulus Package"

But to make it interesting here is the history of the band-aid:
Earle Dickson, an employee of Johnson and Johnson developed the first band-aid in 1920 using the sterile gauze that the company produced and simply placing it in the center of surgical tape. The first "band-aids produced were rather large 2 1/2 in width and 18" in length and handmade. They were later machine made and sized down and Earle Dickson was rewarded with a token vice-presidency and a seat on the Board of Director, when the sales of the Band-Aid exceed $30,000,000.
Johnson and Johnson has very clear instructions on their web site about how to use their band-aids which is simply--------Clean, treat and then protect the wound.

Unfortunately, our government leaders has this whole order upside down and the cleaning has never been done so there won't be any treatment of healing and the covering has only allowed the "wound" to become more infected. Fortunate for those making these decisions their "Health Insurance" (us the taxpayers) have not let them down but they should be may one day require amputation.
Feel free to state your own opinions............................

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who Knew

I recently posted a recipe for Granny Annie that I got from an old "Workbasket" magazine. I had a bunch of these that were my Mom's and not two months ago gave most of them away.
Out of curiosity about the history of this little magazine I googled workbasket magazine only to find they are selling them on ebay and if they were early ones (1930 and 1940's) they go for a pretty penny. Who knew................

Maybe I should put the few I have left under lock and key?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blog titles

We all have struggled to come up with a blog title that seems to fit what we are about...there are a few that I happen to think are really cleaver:

1. The 3 R's...Reading-Ranting and Recipes

2. Button Willow Cottage

3. Ex Marks the Spot (read 1/29 post)

I chose "Changes in the Wind" as my title because of a saying that I am inspired by:

Healthy things grow.
Growing things change.
Change challenges us.
Challenge causes us to trust God.
Trust leads to obedience.
Obedience makes us healthy.
Healthy things grow.............

So what inspired your blogs title?