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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Passau next stop

When Hubby and I were in Panama we got to see the Panama Canal and watch a ship go through the locks...little did I realize that on this Danube trip we would go through 8 or 9 locks. I tried to capture some pictures of one such lock but it will be hard to get the full impact of it.
This is our deck and the gray black is the wall
This is leaning over our balcony and you can see how close the ship it to the wall. Hubby got a little claustrophobic so we went up top. It really is an amazing invention and allows ships to go places they were not able to navigate before. 
At Passau we docked right on a busy street so could sit on the balcony and just watch the world go by...
there were these pretty flowers right out our window
This was not one of my favorite stops and in fact we ditched the last part of the tour and headed back to the ship.
This is how most of the streets are and believe me it isn't easy to walk on.
A corner we passed that was pretty.
Check out this huge tree....that is the Danube in the background
Was rather funny because we were docked here and on the tour they walked us up and around only to end up here as the one main highlight. This is the Bishop's Residenz 14th century Town Hall.


This records the flood waters
Notice the difference in the picture ...the water was that high.

Looking the down the Danube.........

17th Century St. Stephan's Cathedral. It had Europe's largest pipe organ but this is where we left the tour and headed back to the ship for a wonderful, leisurely lunch and nap:)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Regensburg (cont.)

Inside the church.
 I am not Catholic and do not always agree with the elaborate church while people are starving in the streets but I have to say that the Sprit of the Lord was definitely here.

The organ pipes
The ceiling
There was great reverence in this church and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to sit and  experience it.
Just a gate along the way
This is a 12th century stone bridge, the oldest in Germany. We walked across it to this area...
Which hide a pretty little "Beer Garden"
We had the place to ourselves and decided on having lunch here..
I had pork schnitzel with German potato salad and it was delicious!

Hubby had pork with noodles and enjoyed it as well and of course we had to have a German Beer.
This was the only meal we had off the ship because the food on the ship was terrific!
We headed back and passed this cute little restaurant on the way...
The weather was wonderful and we walked about 4 miles in this pretty little town...loved it.
If I could twinkle my nose, I would go back in a minute........................................................


Friday, June 26, 2015

Old town Regensburg, Germany

I have to warn you.....this was my favorite stop. Regensburg suffered no damage from the war and is essentially the same as it was hundreds of years ago. It is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world and everywhere you look is a picture perfect moment. We spent a lot of time here on our own as well as the walking tour.
A fountain of old
Some of the many interesting buildings
If I remember right this was to show an agreement between the Catholic and the Protestant religions
Love this architecture. It just amazes me how they took the trouble and time to make such intricate things with no tools like we have today and our building now......suck.
A nice depiction of Daniel and the giant
I think this was St. Ulrich Church and notice all the pretty flowers.
Schindler from "Schindlers's List" lived here for a time.
So many beautiful little spots
Well, I warned you that this was my favorite stop:)
This was a lovely hotel we strolled by and check out the garden in front of it!!!!!
Gotta love those roosters:) Well, as you can see if I could I just would have stayed here for a while.
This is St. Peter's Church and it is gothic style...AMAZING!

Just inside of one of  the entrances. There are so many statues all over it.
and the inside is heart stopping as well...(to be cont.)