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Friday, May 29, 2015

9/11 Living Memorial Plaza

Did you know that this monument was erected in Jerusalem?

It measures 30 feet and is made of granite bronze and aluminum. A piece of melted metal from the ruins of the Twin Towers forms part of the base on which the monument rests. It takes the form of an American flag waving and transforming into a flame at the tip. Embedded on the metal plate are the names of all the victims tragically lost that day.

Israel also issued a postage stamp with the 9/11 Memorial plaza as a tribute to the World Trade Center victims.
Thank you Israel


Monday, May 18, 2015

This and That

I have trouble getting shoes that don't hurt my feet and was searching for a pair to break in before our up coming trip....this is what I found!
Sketchers:) So far they have been working out good.

Have you seen tomatoes growing upside down? Well this is mine and it seems to be working fine

but I don't think I should think in salad terms:)
Here is a tidbit. If you download books using overdrive and suddenly start having trouble? Don't hurry and buy a new device like I did. Uninstall overdrive and then re-install it. Might just solve all the problems. I learned this the hard way recently but am the proud owner of a new Nano.

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Check this out.....
Comparison of the Titanic and a cruise ship today. Nothing like  picture to give a little perspective!

and last but not least.......


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

They don't make them like they use to...

I grew up in a small grocery store so after I married my folks bought  hubby and I a freezer so we could buy a half a beef (made payments) and eat more than just hamburger:)
Well here it is 44 years later and still running!!
We built this special little cubby hole for it when we built the house 24 years ago. It is starting to make some noises so I imagine any day it will give up the ghost but I am not worried as there is no half a beef in it to go bad....just a little ice cream and ice and some frozen milk......
I could just shut it down but then I am not sure what I will put in the cubby hole but you know I could just store things inside it not running like.......YARN!!! Only you knitters will appreciate that comment.