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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z for A-Z Challenge

Z-Zuni, New Mexico

 I have always had a soft spot for the Indians that were here before us and the Zuni are one of the 19 Pueblo tribes of what is now known as New Mexico.
Archaeologists believe Zuni history began well before 2500 B.C. when the tribe moved into the Southwest as big game hunters.
Between 2500 B.C. and 700 A.D. the Zuni Indians made their first attempts at agriculture and hunted smaller game. Historians believe it was during this period they started making pottery and weaving baskets.
Zuni is a intact Native American Reservation so although people are allowed to visit here there are certain restrictions.
They have proved themselves as fine craftsmen...

Can you imagine how soft these deer skin moccasins are!

How it was around 1873
These are Pueblos.......apartment-like structures built of stone, adobe mud, and other local material. These structures were usually multi-storied buildings surrounding an open plaza.
They are survivors, a group of hard working inventive people who raised crops of corn, beans, and squash as well as cotton and tobacco. The men hunted deer, antelope and small game while the women gathered nuts, fruits and herbs.
Many years ago there was not a written language and all traditions, history, and stories were passed from generation to generation through tribal leaders and parents.

 practiced yet today.

You will want to visit the old mission that is being restored thanks to Alex Seowtewa, a well-known Zuni artist who has painted a series of traditional Zuni Kachinas
  on the walls and with the help of his sons they have completed 24 figures of various kachinas and tribal religious leaders as well as panels depicting traditional crops, birds and animals.
 They are a religious group of people and make a pilgrimage every four years on the Barefoot Trail to Koluwala. A area about 60 miles from the Zuni Pueblo.
Pueblo today
Thousands of people visit these ancient villages every year to learn more about Zuni history and get an idea of what life was like for the tribe thousands of years ago and the worn faces of old...

 yes they have a trading post there and you can buy some of their wares.

Happy Trails
(Today is hubby's b-day and we are heading to another of those Indian successes....

Fort McDowell Resort and Casino)


Monday, April 29, 2013

Y for A-Z Challenge

 Y-York Pa.

I might just have to go here....

 Yes they have lots of history and a downtown area full of really old buildings like this 1700 Tavern
and they have a HUGE corn maze
 17 acres if cornfields all for adventure.

 Amish buggy rides
 The Renihasne Fair
 The Shrewsbury Village
 and the "The Shoe House, built in 1948, that was "Colonel" Mahlon N. Haines' most outlandish advertising gimmick. It is a wood frame structure covered with wire lath and coated with a cement stucco. It measures 48 ft. in length, 17 ft. in width at the widest part and 25 ft. in height. The interior consists of five different levels and contains three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and living room."
but it's not these that would draw me......... but rather the fact that York is the Factory Tour Capitol of the World.
 Painted Springs Alpaca Farm
 Bluett Bros Violins
 Macklin's Cafe with their speciality cupcakes
 The Surprise Soap Company
Miss Lucy's Dog Treats
The Prancing Pig
and a whole list of more like  Martin's potato chips , Harley Davidson factory, Naylor wine Cellar, Revonah Pretzels, Susquehamma Glass, Family Heir-loom weavers and etc.
 Well, one of my favorite things to do is take a behind the scenes tour so this is going on my
 Happy Trails

Saturday, April 27, 2013

X for A-Z Challenge

X-Xenia, Ohio

The name Xenia (ZEENya) comes form the Greek word Xenia which means "hospitality". In the years before the Civil War many of those who lived here supported the Underground Railroad that helped runaway slaves escape. They risked imprisonment and even death if they were caught.


 There is some pretty area's here but sadly it's claim to fame is the history of weather-related disasters. In 1886 a large portion of the town was destroyed by massive flooding
and at least 22 people were killed but in 1974 Xenia was one 148 tornadoes that hit 13 US states known as the "Super Outbreak" It was in the path that covered 900 square miles and a length of 2,600 miles.
 Before and after

 Before and after
The remains of the Jeep Wrangler factory.....
34 people were killed and more than 10,000 were left homeless. It was one of the most intense storms recorded.
The town was hit again with a tornado in 1989 and in 2000 but with less damage.....I guess this is one of those area that is in the "tornado alley".

They refuse to give up and have rebuilt though it all and in fact the Jeep Wranglers
are exported to over 90 countries across the globe and this plant employs 2,500 workers and produces 360 wranglers per shift!

Happy Trails (in a Wrangler)

Friday, April 26, 2013

W for A-Z Challenge

W-Wichita, Ks.

Known as the Air Capital of the World
Home to Cessna, Beech craft and Learjet to name a few.

I would definitely visit this place....the Allen Lambe House built by
Frank Lloyd Wright
It is now a art museum but was originally built to suit a family in the traditional Wright style, incorporating the appreciation of the outside from the inside.
 See how it surrounds the outside.
And while here I would also want to spend the night at the Historic Castle Inn Riverside
Just breathtaking!
and maybe spend the day at Clifton Square going through all the little shops

and guess who lived here for a short time?Wyatt Earp.
and why not it's such a pretty place....
Down town view from the west bank of the Arkansas River
"The Keeper of the Plains" statue stands 44 foot tall and honors the local tribes of the past.
Happy Trails