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Friday, May 30, 2014

Devil's advacate

If you have watched the news at all you will recognize this picture of the Marine that accidently crossed the Mexican border with guns and ammo in his car and most everyone here in the US is outraged at their insensitivity to the situation; but let me play the Devil's advocate for just a bit. That country does not allow guns in the hands of their is their law and this man for whatever reason showed up there with them. Also does anyone remember Fast and Furious?  Did you ever hear Eric Holder apologize to Mexico for all the illegal guns that he sent their way? Most of us was outraged because one of those guns killed one of OUR border agents and yes I agree but maybe this has been a little one sided if you look at it from their perspective. I do hope that they will be able to see that  this Marine had no evil intent and let him come home but I think giving them time to go through their process is not unreasonable and by the way do you know how long US citizens sit in jail waiting for a hearing?
"People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ar. road trip cont. 5

This was our last day and we were to fly out late in the evening so gave us some time to do a little more sight seeing before getting on the plane to come home.
First off I want to say that if it wouldn't have been for the Scout app. my grandson set up for me we wouldn't have ventured in the city places but with my phone plugged into the car the voice talks to you over the radio and my hubby doesn't tend to argue with her like he would with me LOL

Hubby and I grew up in a small town with no food chains of restaurants or grocery stores so when we are driving through small towns we like to stop at a local restaurant and get a cup of coffee....we lucked out and got HOMEMADE coconut cream pie too.
Loved the little sign they had on the wall...
Definitely not a fancy place but homey..
and made for a great pit stop.
I had read of the Old Grist Mill just north of Little Rock and wanted to go there. It took a few tries but we made it.....Such a pretty little spot right in town.
 Had to climb the stair and then there is was...
The back side
When you walk across this bridge and look down the other way this is what you see..
There were elegant homes there on the left with their own place on the river.
What I didn't know it that this lovely spot is a Memorial
We tried to go to the River Market which is right next to Clinton Ave. but it was roped off by the police so don't know what had happened but when all else fails we can always go and eat...
This place caught our eye and it was a bit too early for lunch but we figured we could do brunch..
Oh my gosh!!! Hubby ordered the Asparagus & Mushroom Omelet for us to share and it was delicious with fresh asparagus, portabella mushrooms, spinach, Parmesan & Fontana cheese with Tasso Cheese Grits.
We shared it along with a glass of wine and what a treat it was......
Parking on Clinton Ave. was a bit of a challenge so we had to park and walk a bit but passed a couple of little park areas...
This made me think of my daughter....she loves rabbits.
The eagle stood guard.
Our plane was delayed so our wait at the airport was longer than planned and almost didn't make our connecting flight in Houston but we got home safe and sound. Arkansas is a great place to visit!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Road trip con. 4

Here the land opened up with meadows and wild flowers.

Our last night stay was in Harrison, Ar. at the 1929 Hotel Seville and what a grand place this is.

So glad it has been restored for us to enjoy..
Old glass doors looking out the bar
 Old ironwork
The beautiful old brick

But it's the lobby that dazzles you!!
It is really beautiful and see the wood railing going up both sides of stairs? I was struck by it because it is real old worn wood and shaped in a special way to wrap your hand so that it feels like the railing is holding you rather than you holding the railing...(they too have a elevator). Notice the flying birds? They are not painted on but are tiles as well as in the arches and etc.
They were having a Crawdad festival the day we arrived and felt bad because it ended up being a cold rainy day and put a damper on things including a car show just down the street. It didn't bother us as we had our 3 hour nap and then drinks and dinner. Now I have to tell you that the restaurant service was so slow it was all we could do to sit there and that was for both dinner and our breakfast the next morning but once the food came...all was forgiven. It was such good old fashion cooking!!
This was a small friendly little town and glad the old hotel was here because that is what drew us.
 (to be cont.)


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Road trip cont.3

After breakfast we asked about the Farmer's market they were having and with a few directions headed that way. Talk about a Farmer's Market! I have never seen so much wonderful fresh vegetables and flowers in all my life and it was all set up around this old courthouse....
 Just a little waterfall  and wait till you see all the other pretty things....
Plenty of places to sit and take it all in but unfortunately it was a bit cold so we headed for the car and on the way I spotted this cool clock..
with a one way sign that pointed right to our rental car:)

We were headed to Eureka Springs to spend the day and then head on to where we were going to spend the night. I was so excited about seeing Eureka Springs because I had heard such great reviews about it. I had also read about a church out in the woods that sounded neat and told Hubby if we had time I would like to go see it...well, low and behold the church was on our way so we just ducked right in and what a special blessing that was. It is called "Thorncrown Chapel" The area is beautiful to start with as you walk up to the chapel...
and then there it is!
It doesn't feel like there is anything between you and nature as you sit there and yes these are real ferns...
The little bit of wall is natural rock
and the rest is wood including these amazing lights
 all around the building.
Looking up...this is the view
There is such a wonderful story that follows this chapel; it was a simple dream of one man who had originally purchased the land for his retirement home and how he was moved to build a glass chapel in the woods to give wayfarers a place to relax in an inspiring way. It is indeed inspiring.
This is a picture from their web site:
I wish I could say that the rest of the day was as good as it started but I was so disappointed in Eureka Springs. It was nothing more than  tourist trap where you had to park and walk and full of what not stores and etc. The area is pretty and the drive in and out was awesome...
but needless to say we arrived at our next destination a little earlier than planned but they were very accommodating and we got in a lovely 3 hour nap! (to be cont.)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ar. road trip cont. 2

The next morning we headed up scenic highway 7 and I could have taken pictures at every turn...
There were several small towns along the way to our destination, the historic Inn at Carnall Hall in Fayetteville, Ar. I saw that this was a historic hotel but had not idea it was a old college dormitory!  Thankful for our GPS we were surprised to be routed right by the Arkansas University and the Razorback Stadium and there she stood in all her glory.... 
(from web site)
Loved the old brick and all the greenery around the building.
Was quite happy to find they had a elevator so didn't have to tackle the stairs
To my surprise the building was named after distinguished Associate Professor of English and Modern languages, Miss Ella Howison Carnall, the first female faculty member at the U of A. She taught from 1881-1884 until her untimely death and was recognized both for her excellence as a professor and for her example as a role model for young women. The impact that she left on the school resounds even today.
There are many paintings in the building including this portrait of Miss Carnall above the mantle
Ella's dinning room was available for all meals and in fact they were hosting a Bridal luncheon when we were there for lunch....................................
This painting across the room of the Hall caught my eye and I had to snap a picture of it...
The view out the windows of the dinning room was so pretty...

We enjoyed our stay here very be cont.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Arkansas Road Trip

Hubby and I had never been to Arkansas so decided a road trip was in order. We flew into Little Rock, Ar. and rented a car, then headed to Hot Springs. I had already made a hotel reservation at the Staybridge Suites  so that was all set but we hadn't made plans for dinner. We drove by many restaurants along the way but asked the desk clerk what she would suggest.... Her answer was the
Fisherman's Wharf  and am so glad we asked because we drove by but could only see the sign as the restaurant itself is hidden.

 What a place...
Looking across from our table
Not only was the d├ęcor great...the food was AWESOME!!!
What a treat to have dinner here and our room was nice as could be


(If you have never stayed at  StayBridge it is a good deal, nice breakfast in the morning and free wine, beer and taco bar at night if you would like).

with a great view on the river
and being from the Arizona desert I am ALWAYS impressed with green
Hot Springs is known for their natural hot springs and I wish I would have arranged for us to have more time our second day here as the down town area was really neat with all the old bath houses and little shopping spots and etc. To be cont.