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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T for A-Z Challenge

T-Toledo, Ohio

When I told my hubby I was working on Toledo, Ohio he said ..."Holy Toledo!" ...well that sent me to google and here is wehre that saying came from.......
"Most likely first used in the early 1900s, either refers to a sarcastic remark about Toledo, Ohio or originated from a realistic remark of the Holy city of Toledo, Spain. It is now used as a phrase, by Americans, if something is unbelievable, disturbing, or blows their mind."
Toledo has been known as the "Glass City" because of its long history of innovation in all aspects of the glass industry: windows, bottles and etc. and in fact glass made here was in the Twin Towers.
Skyline of Toledo
Bridge in downtown Toledo
Toledo Firefighters Museum
This working fire station from the 1920s houses a vast collection of vintage equipment, uniforms and antique fire toys and Toledo's first pumper, dating back to 1837.
Maybe you would like to stop by Tony Packo's Cafe. It was often mentioned on M.A.S.H. and has a collection of buns that have been signed by celebrities.
Be sure to go the the historic neighborhood "The Old West End"
Considered to be "the largest neighborhood of late Victorian, Edwardian and Arts and Crafts homes east of the Mississippi.
Beautiful even in the snow.........

 In downtown Toledo you can visit the SS Willis B. Boyer Maritime Museum and experience this  fully restored ship that was first launched in 1911 as the "World's Largest Bulk Freighter" setting records for iron ore, coal and rye cargoes. See how it all worked nearly 100 years ago. 
 One of several beautiful historic Churches found here...
Historic Catholic Church of Saint Patrick
Excitement at the Raceway Park with horse racing for all....
Happy Trails

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