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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B for A - Z Challenge 2013

B - Bozeman, Montana


 The city is named after John M. Bozeman

who established the Bozeman Trail and was a key founder of the town in August 1864. It is now the fourth largest city in the state of Montana.

Downtown Bozeman has 49 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places set among galleries, bistros, and shops.
Known for both its summer and winter outdoor recreation, Downtown Bozeman is conveniently situated near the Gallatin and Madison Rivers, three major ski areas, the popular Museum of the Rockies, and about 30 miles away Yellowstone National Park.

 Maybe you would like to check out the American Computer Museum,  there are only two other computer museums like this in the world. This is the place to go to see the early beginnings and some of those old relics some of us remember using.
Another exciting spot to visit is the "Montana Grizzly Encounter"
 Visit the nearby Palisades Falls with a 80 foot drop

Take in a little fishing in one of many beautiful streams
Come in the winter and enjoy the many winter sports available
 or if you are like me....
 just sit enjoy the view.
Happy Trails


Dana said...

That's a lovely view to enjoy!

Happy Tuesday. ☺

Nancy said...

Bozeman is a beautiful place.

There's also an awesome quilt shop just outside of Bozeman. ;oD

Bev said...

We visited this area last May!! We are close to Montana and love it!!!