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Monday, April 22, 2013

S for A-Z Challenge

S-Sante Fe, New Mexico

This is another of one of the places I have been and while researching it I found a lot of info that I didn't know when we were there but I not sure it would have changed my perspective.
First off, it is a very old area and was first occupied by Pueblo Indians as far back as 1050 to 1150.. Then it was taken over and ruled by Spaniards until Texas decided it would claim it and so on.....
The one thing I did find out that surprised me is that during World War II it was the location of a Japanese American internment camp...
a little ugly part of our history.
This is the San Miguel  Chapel. These adobe walls were constructed in around A.D 1610
The beautiful Cathedral Basilica of Saint Frances of Assisi sits at the end of one of the main streets
and can you see the statue there on the left?
 a Roman catholic saint
When the mainline of the railroad bypassed Sante Fe, it lost a lot of its population but artists and writers, as well as retirees, were attracted to the rich culture of the area along with its dry climate and it has because well known as an artists haven. Fortunately the city also saw the richness in the pueblo architecture and forced new buildings and restoration projects to follow that style which now has become known as the "Santa Fe style". 
 Adobe buildings that are made from mud and bricks and provides insulation in winter and natural air conditioning in the summer. Open wood beams that extend to the exterior and
 beehive fireplaces.
 Niches in the walls that were for treasures or religious shrines.
 You might see this newer adapted style around but while in Sante Fe you see the real thing and they have made it enchanting a  night....
No I am not much of an art fan but as you can clearly see.....
 I love that Sante Fe Style!
Happy Trails


Granny Annie said...

Shameful Japanese internment camps. Who is the Catholic saint? Love the look of adobe houses.

Just out of curiosity wonder why you didn't use Ponca City for your "P" town? LOL Guess there is not much to see anymore. But I know your book can be purchased there:)

DayDreamer said...

Those lights on the wall with the evening sky backdrop are very pretty. I agree with you about the Santa Fe style - nice.

Nancy said...

I haven't spent much time in the southwest. Thanks for the information.

How I would love to explore that cathedral.