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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O for A-Z Challenge

O-Ocean City, Maryland

 Fortunately Ocean City maintains a fleet of open-air shuttles called the "Boardwalk Tram" and they run the entire length of the boardwalk.

 Passengers can board or get off at any point simply by notifying the driver so covering the nine miles with its condos hotels, and restaurants is no problem.

 Of course all the ocean fun activities are available and shopping galore but you may be surprised to fine a memorial to the firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11.
It is engraved in brick and stone and includes a piece of one of the twin towers that collapsed. Seem strange? Well, Ocean City is home to the annual Maryland State Firefighters Convention.
 Another sight you might be surprised and thrilled to see is wild horses roaming the marsh and sand dune grasses.
These are Assateague wild ponies and they have roamed the area since the 1600's. Some people believe the horses arrive when a Spanish galleon ship (with a cargo of these horses) sank offshore and a recent discovery of a Spanish ship wreck  found in the waters off Assalegue tends to lend itself to that theory.

 This was a surprise to me. Imagine cowboys with all the works right next to the Atlantic Ocean!!
Looks like a fun place........

 You wouldn't want all that water to go to waste.

You will also find a museum that is dedicated to the history of life saving on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virgina.
 The giant Farris wheel can be seen for miles
and Ripley's Mirror Maze
Will be a challenge to get out of.
But the best part costs nothing
Happy Trails


Granny Annie said...

Love the wild ponies running on the beach. What a sight to behold.

Coffee Lady said...

I never knew that about the wild ponies. We have wild horses and burros from the gold rush days in our area. Thanks I really enjoyed your post!

Poke The Rock said...

wild horses, i want to see that!