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Monday, April 1, 2013

A for A - Z Challenge 2013

Although I will be posting with a travel theme for this A - Z Challenge I would like to give special recognition to Arlee Bird for creating it and inspiring so many. Thank you!


A - Amherst, Massachusetts

 Amherst is home to about 35,000 residents as well as the campuses of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College, and Hampshire College.  

A mix of students, academics, and retirees makes for a interesting spot

An unusual site found here is the Yiddish Book Center

 This is a non-profit facility that tells the whole Jewish story by translating Yiddish books to English.
You can even find Yiddish sheet music in their book store.
You won't want to miss Puffers pond
This historical landmark is now used by the town for swimming and fishing. There are beautiful trails surrounding the pond.  At the end of one of the paths is a mill river park, an open field and swimming pool and  to the left are tennis courts and basketball courts.
 Even in the winter it is a sight to behold.
Another, not to be missed site, is the Emily Dickinson Museum
The Homestead where this famous poet was born and spent most of her life.
You can take four different tours that present the story of Emily Dickinson from different perspectives.
They have lectures and hands-on workshops and the first professionally-designed interpetive exhibit, "my Verse is alive," which is about the early publication of Dickinson's poetry.
Several clock towers can be found around town
(maybe so college students have no excuse for being late to class).
The best time to visit is in the fall...
 No April fools,  it really is beautiful this time of year.
Happy Trails


Rosalind Adam said...

What gorgeous colours those last two photos show. Sounds like an interesting place to visit too. My Great Aunt had a lot of Yiddish books. She could read Yiddish better than she could read English. Sadly the language has all but died out now.

Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

Dana said...

You had me at Emily Dickinson Museum! LOL

It looks beautiful there. The colors and the pond—just gorgeous!

Happy A to Z!

Linda said...

I'm with Dana! You had me at the Emily Dickenson Museum!
Great post - loved seeing the town! I don't think I've been there - maybe once but I just passed through.

Nancy said...

I love clock towers and older architecture!

Zoanna said...

Makes me want to go back to Massachusetts for a second fall trip. Beautiful pictures. Intrigued by the Yiddish stuff!

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Love those fall favourite time of year. Great start to the A to Z challenge .. and .. thanks for dropping in on thefeatherednest.

Bev said...

Beautiful... Well I have a couple places in AZ that I need to visit after reading some of your I will have to take notes of other places when we do our 'every state' visit hopefully some year soon:)

Jessica said...

Nice to find someone else blogging about travel for the az challenge! :) i almost went to college there!

Rhonda said...

Nice, especially that last photo. It is amazing. I am doing travel too, travel tips learned the hard way.

AtoZ #42

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Wow! those autumn photos are amazing. I also like to photograph frozen waterfalls.