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Thursday, April 4, 2013

D for A-Z Challlenge 2013

D - Dover, Delaware


Come May 3-5th and you can be right in the middle of the yearly Dover Days celebrations....
 Maypole dancers
and lots, lots  more.
Or show up in Nov. to see the World Champion Punkin Chunkin
and while you are here in the fall you can attend one of their NASCAR races at the Dover International Speedway
You shouldn't have trouble finding it
Pick your seat and watch them speed around this oval track.
Maybe you have a favorite to win.
Car racing not for you? Well, how about some horse racing
and when your finished (and hopefully won)  you can play the slots as well at the Dover Downs-Casino. You can even make a whole day and night of it and stay in their hotel, enjoy some of their entertainment like boxing, concerts and etc. get a massage at their Spa and dine at one of their 10 dinning facilities.
On the quieter side........
 You could take in the Johnson Victrola Museum
 You'll find some beauties here.
or enjoy Silver Lake Park
Or maybe what brings you here is a loved one that is stationed at the  Dover Air force base.
Whatever the reason for your visit,  you will find diversity in Dover, Delaware.
Happy Trails



Michelle said...

Those children in colonial costumes are so cute!

Susan Scott said...

What a lovely post thank you! A friend of mine lives in Delaware and I love to hear what's happening there and the joy she gets in the tulips and many other blossoms beginning to bloom as Spring heralds in a new birth.

Dana said...

I love seeing those Victrolas. The second one is gorgeous!

Happy Thursday. ☺

Bev said...


Nancy said...

Lots of fun adventures and activities in and around Dover.

Sharon said...

The picture of the maypole brought back childhood memories. Doing maypole dancing is how I learnt left from right