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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I for A-Z challenge

I-Indio, California

What I always remember hearing about Indio is that on your way there you could run into a bad sand storm...
It can pit your paint and windshield and cause a lot of damage and there is no where to hide.
Aside from that I have learned that Indio is the official bird sanctuary because of the seasonal bird migration flight routes to the nearby Salton Sea.,..

                                                                 A rather strange place I must say.
A sight you would never guess to find in this desert area is TWO
Club polo teams
                                              Isn't amazing what can be accomplished with a little water!
and Shields date farm for you to buy all the fresh dates you could want.
You will want to visit the Coachella Valley History Museum and see the on going restoration preserving their rich heritage.
 "The museum campus contains the Smiley-Tyler House, a 1926 adobe home which houses the main exhibits; the historic 1909 Indio Schoolhouse; and the Date Museum. Also, the spacious grounds hold a variety of gardens, including a Memorial Date Garden, a Japanese Garden, the Jardin Del Desierto, and the oldest Cork Oak tree in the Coachella Valley. Other highlights include our Submarine house, a Blacksmith shop, various farming equipment, and the Museum's archives."

In the fall of 1996 the Indio Chamber of Commerce formed a committee to develop a Historic Mural Project to help revitalize the economy of the city. There is are now, 10 such murals around the town.
 Happy Trails


Granny Annie said...

We have been there. I will be out again for a while.

Dana said...

That sandstorm looks horrible, but I do like those palm trees. :)

Melody said...

Looks like it would be an interesting place to visit! P.S. I love the "feedjit" widget on your sidebar!

Michelle said...

Looks really interesting to me...all except for the sandstorm.

Donna Sexton said...

I've been a lot of places but for some reason I've missed every spot you've posted. Southern California is one possibility for next winters vacation, so maybe I'll make it to Indio. Hopefully not in a sand storm!
Donna at Donna's New Day