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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C for A - Z Challenge 2013

C - Charleston, S.C

Everyone knows that Charleston is known for it friendly people with a southern drawl but maybe you didn't know it is also known as  "The Holy City". Maybe because of the many churches found around the city
St. Mary's Lutheran Church

or maybe because Carolina was among the few original colonies to provide toleration for all Protestant religions, though not open to the Roman Catholics (which that has changed of course) and you can still find a Huguenots church here too.

the famous Citidal Military College is located here....

Why this college is different......
Of course you will want to see the swamps while you are here

 and the maganolia plantation and garden is just the place to do that.

Whether in a boat
or on a train you will see many critters.
On the property a tour of the beautiful old plantation is also available
and a choose to  tour of one of the old slave cabins and learn of the slave history in this area.

The beautiful gardens will take you breath away
or provide for a lovely wedding setting.
If you get bored with all that there is a zoo and nature center and of course a little restaurant...who could ask for more?


The sights

and food

Will make you not want to leave..................

 but if you do and you  drive from Charleston to Mount Pleasant you will have the opportunity to cross

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge
Arthur Ravenel Bridge (from water).jpg
The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge as seen from Charleston.
This bridge, which opened in 2005, is also know as the New Cooper River Bridge. It is a cable-stayed bridge over the Cooper River; Carries eight lanes of traffic and spans 1,546 feet.
Happy Trails


Allison said...

Nice travelog! I've always wanted to go there.

Bev said...

I have a niece who lives near have you visited each of these places you are posting?

Zoanna said...

Gardens, yes. Food, yes. Colleges, churches, bridges, yes. Gators in the water?.. no!

Changes in the wind said...

Bev there are some I have visited but many I have not. Charleston is one of them that I did go to and loved it there.

Dana said...

How beautiful! I've always thought I'd like to go there. Maybe someday...

Anonymous said...

This is where the hubs ancestors came from.