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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


After posting the picture of my Mother and I, it occurred to me that my Mother's hair in the picture may have appeared a bit strange to some. It must have been a Sat. because her hair was in pin curls.
and most of the time she would wear a little scarf like thing but for some reason she didn't here. I on the other hand have a kerchief to cover mine:)
Another memory....
My mother made my pin curls by wrapping the hair around her finger like above but the thing is...she had long, pointed fingernails! I am sure you get the picture.
We went from pin curls to brush rollers.....
 Weren't they lovely and especially to sleep on. Yes, those were the good old days.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Through a childs eye

I am four years old in this picture that was taken with my Mother and her parents (my Grandparents). They lived at the very northern top of Montana on a homestead. What a different life it was than compared to where I was living (in a small town in Arizona with electric lights, running water, and a grocery store full of food that my parents owned).  I don't remember a lot except there were chickens right out the back door and you could throw seeds out and they would come running (scared me) and that you could get potatoes out of the ground! I also remember a picture of me getting a bath in a tub on the stove. One night my parents decided to go to town and left me with my Grandmother. We were going to bed and she stood in front of the mirror and began taking these things out or her hair and of my gosh.....she had this really long hair that I had never seen!
In my minds eye it looked like this:

Of course it wasn't but it was a shock to me. That was the only time I ever saw it down and later in life she cut it short but I will never forget it.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mercy Ships

Can you imagine the excitement of seeing his ship in port!

Started 38 years ago from a man with a vision of bringing hope to the world
This woman was able to see her child for the first time thanks to the free surgery on the Mercy Ship.

Back in her parents’ village in the shade of the large mango tree, Pulcherie holds her daughter in her arms. She takes in every detail – from eyelashes to tiny toes.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

There she blows....

We had another storm come through Sat. afternoon. We were not home but came home to one of our trees down. Not a pretty sight.....

22 years ago we ran out in a storm and held on to it to keep it from getting blown over but we wouldn't have had a chance with this now 25 foot grown tree.
Even if it were possible to prop it up it would do not good as it snapped right at the ground.
Now the trick is to fine someone to remove it.
Is so eerie to see it like this....
We drove around the neighborhood and saw a few much worse than ours. One had a huge tree fall across their drive way and land on two of their cars, one an antique and another had a huge tree fall into the front of the house and block the entrance and land on the roof. I sure don't know what kind of wind this was but it must have been a doozy. Poor dog and bird weathered it alone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some good news!!

Maybe some of you might remember this woman?

She was a Dem. Ohio poll worker who openly said she voted twice for Obama and she was recently tried and found guilty of voter fraud...
Hopefully this is just the beginning and may I also say that I see no good reason not to follow the Mexican laws about voting since they are flooding into our country in droves.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Annie Oakley

As most of you know I like to listen to audio books while I knit and recently I listened to "Annie Oakley". I remembered there was a movie about her and that she was in the Buffalo Bill's show but really didn't know a lot. Here is some tidbits...She began her marksmanship as a young girl around 9 years old and brought home dinner to the family only to later sell the surplus she bagged to the local store and totally support her family. No one taught her to shoot but somehow she had this amazing gift.

She entered a Thanksgiving shooting competition in 1875 and beat a top shooter and vaudeville performer by the name of Frank Butler. He was smitten with her and they married and toured the country with him letting her become the star and he the manager. A union that spanned more than a half a century and led them all over the world.
There had no children and the couple was often captured with a pet

After Annie met  "Sitting Bull" in 1884 he was so impressed with her abilities that he adopted her and gave her the name "Little Sure Shot" which followed her the rest of her life.

Petite in stature with thick chestnut colored hair she stood out from the crowd and once they saw here shoot they were totaled enthralled. She became a true star and was known world wide. She had never had the opportunity to go to school while living at home so that was a big pursuit when she was not in shows and she excelled in every area.

At the end of a long career and returning home from overseas, she was severely injured in a train accident upon which her hair turned white overnight and required several surgeries to heal. She had planned on retiring just prior to the accident but wanted to see if she could still do it and there she was in her 60's still shooting.

She continued to set records even in 1924 after a bad car accident they left her with a brace on her leg but in 1925 she began to decline and died on Nov. 3, 1926. Butler was so grieved by her death that he stopped eating and died 18 days later.

A true love story
The book was okay and led me to do more research of which I have shared.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not a happy ending

A while back I posted about knitting this top for myself...

Well, I got it 3/4 done and guess what? I ran out of yarn! I bought the yarn online so there is no way to get more to match and it was turning out good too. Well, after fuming I finally figured out the problem. The pattern called for (7) 50g skeins which is what I bought. Little did I know that the amount of yardage would vary in 50g skeins. The pattern called for 105 yds. per skein and what I bought has 94 yds. per skein. I just assumed I had to pay attention to the amount of skeins not the yardage. Big lesson for me. Well at least I know I like the pattern and maybe I will give it another go later but I am not going to waste this yarn so maybe I might be able to get a couple of shrugs out of it....We will see. Sure hurt to frog all my hard work:(

Thursday, September 11, 2014


If you watched the news you know that the Phoenix area had a day of record rain.
It doesn't take a lot to leave our streets flooded but this was unbelievable....
I must say that I am so thankful that I did not have to get out in it and try to drive anywhere but even here at home it left it's calling card.
ceiling in the kitchen
ceiling in the gun room
But it also left us with this unbelievable harvest moon!!
It shines so bright can see like it is daytime in the early mornings.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


"Ecoduct" Do you know what it is? Have you ever seen one?
The first one was constructed in France during the 1950s and today there are hundreds of them.

Ecocuct are structures that allow animals to cross human-made barriers safely and may include underpass tunnels, viaducts and overpasses.

 Saves lives...animals and humans.




This one is Baniff Canada
I may have gone under one and just thought it was a tunnel:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Desert Rain

It was a interesting morning here Tuesday. It was slightly overcast and calm and boom! It was pouring rain! Rain in the Arizona desert is always a big deal and that is why people like me post about it.

I can imagine my plants happy like this:

and if I had a cat:

and if I had a little grandbaby:

and if I were forty years younger:

and if I found a spider web:

and how the birds I feed must look like:

The local news:
and if you think it is a joke and not to be paid attention to you should watch the video:

But for me an hubby it means run get your coffee and come sit under the porch and watch it pour!!!!!
Sheets off the roof
and no where for the dog to pee


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Central Park

 I was able to visit Central Park several years ago but only just to walk a short distance into the entrance.
 If I ever have the opportunity to go again, I would want to try to see it all, and as you can see by the map.....
that would take some time
 or maybe a carriage ride.
What an amazing place, it was initially opened in 1857 and covered 778 acres, it now covers 843 acres. The reason the park was even created was because between 1821 and 1855, New York City nearly quadrupled in population and people were so desperate to escape the city they were going to cemeteries.
At one point in time it fell into decline but when a new governor came on board it was turned around and continues to have top maintenance to this day. There are approximately 37.5 million people that come to visit annually and it is open all year.

In the summer of 1966, two-term mayor of New York (1966–73) John V. Lindsay, himself an avid cyclist, initiated a weekend ban on automobiles in Central Park for the enjoyment of cyclists and public alike – a policy that continues yet today.

Row boats and kayaks can be rented at the Loeb Boathouse, which also houses a restaurant overlooking the Lake


There are two outdoors swimming pools that convert to ice rinks in the wintertime.

and the most famous one....
 Rockefeller Center.
There is rock climbing...
The Central Park Zoo

which would take some time to see it all.....
You don't want to miss the polar bears!!

There are a total of twenty-one playgrounds and twenty-nine sculptures....
 such as "Alice in Wonderland".
You will find the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater which was originally a model schoolhouse built in Sweden that hosts many plays and the Belvedere Castle.
 but the most awesome sites are the beauty of nature.


 Yes, a haven in the middle of a city.