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Monday, July 21, 2014

Somethings to ponder



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quick Shrimp and Rice

For a single serving:
All of the below and as much as you want....

Cooked stir fry frozen vegetables
Cooked white rice
Pre-cooked frozen jumbo shrimp thawed and sliced into chunks.

Mix all together and heat through. Add a little soy sauce to taste.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stepping out on a limb

As most of you know I knit for charity but recently I was drawn to a pattern for myself and decided even though I do not normally knit anything very large I would give it a go.....

Well the first obstacle for me was that it called for silk yarn........
Yarns, yarns and more yarns so here is a question for my fellow blogger/knitters. Do you have a favorite luxury yarn and if so what is it?
Well the cost of the yarn was a bit overwhelming and then to think I had to do all the work and what if it doesn't fit????
I decided to just ignore all my warnings but try to find a silk yarn on ebay cheaper.
I found the amount of yarn I needed in this cashmere merino silk so I bought it.
I can't say that it looks expensive but it sure feels nice and it knits up nicer than other yarns I have used.
Do you use more expensive brand of yarns like for socks or certain projects? I have convinced myself that if the sweater doesn't work our I WILL find something to use up this yarn:) Wish me luck:)


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Great Ocean Road

If I could wiggle my nose and be transported somewhere....this is a place I would go.

A  coastal drive along Australia's southwestern shore that winds its way around rugged cliffs, through lush rainforests and windswept beaches.

A little history via the internet....
By the time of World War I, the rugged south-west coast of Victoria was accessible only by sea or rough bush track. Besides being dedicated as a memorial, it was also envisaged that the road would connect isolated settlements on the coast, and become a vital transport link for the timber industry and tourism

Construction on the road began on 19 September 1919, built by approximately 3,000 returned servicemen as a war memorial for fellow servicemen who had been killed in World War I. An advance survey team progressed through dense wilderness at approximately 3 kilometres a month. Construction was done by hand; using explosives, pick and shovel, wheel barrows, and some small machinery, and was at times perilous, with several workers killed on the job; the final sections along steep coastal mountains being the most difficult to work on.

What awesome beauty
and Koala to boot!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


If you have followed my blog you know that I knit for "Newborns in Need" but I learned to crochet first. My Mother taught me when I was maybe nine or ten years old and I made rosettes out of cotton thread for hot pads and etc.....
sort of like this one that I found on google. It is very slow to say the least and when I became an adult I continued to crochet but with yarn instead of the cotton thread. I just never had the patience it required to complete a project but my Grandmother crocheted everything with this cotton yard and she didn't know how to read a pattern but used the chart patterns like the following...
At some point in time my Mother asked my Grandmother to crochet "The Last Supper" for her church and purchased the yarn needed. I didn't know anything about it until after my Mother died and I went through her things and low and behold rolled up was this huge crocheted picture of the last supper. Why it never made it to the church I don't know and I started to put it in the estate sale but then changed my mind and only much later was it suggested to me to have it matted and framed...................
(Couldn't get the picture without the glare on the glass and no my wall isn't pink, it's a light beige).
It hangs in our bedroom and I often stop and marvel at the intricate work.
I think each square equals two double crochets and open square to single crochets.
The roof section
Can you imagine how many stitches there must be in this piece....

I don't know that my Grandmother was a Christian but she surely had the patience of Job:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crock pot winner

I made these for our Father's Day pot luck and they were wonderful:)

Paula Deen's Pinto Beans

    1 pound dry pinto beans
    1 teaspoon chili powder
    1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
    1/2 pound ham hocks, or 1/4 pound streak o' lean
    4 cups water
    1 onion, chopped

    Pepper Garlic Powder
Wash the beans and soak overnight in cold water. Drain the beans and dump into slow cooker. Stir in chili powder and oregano.

If using ham hock: Pre-soak ham in a separate pot, for at least 2, or refrigerated up to 24 hours, depending on how salty you want your stock to be. Add ham hock to slow cooker with beans and pour in ham soaking liquid. Add more water until ham hock is completely covered.

If using streak o' lean: Cut into cubes, brown in a skillet, and place the meat and any rendered fat in the slow cooker with beans. Pour 4 cups water into pot.

Add onion to slow cooker with beans and meat. Stir well. Season, to taste, with Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder cover the pot, and cook on high (around six hours) until beans are very tender,
Note: I didn't use steak or ham hock but added some ketchup.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

This and That

Remember these? My daughter was born a month early so I had to pin the legs smaller or the pee just ran down her legs.

Baby cages so children that lived in apartments could get sunshine? Yikes!
I think this is called a oxymoron.......
I'm sure this would be considered cruel in todays world....
Testing a bullet proof vest?????
You gotta love this....
Brothel tokens!
Only in California will you find these......
Pasadena, CA.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


This recently re-surfaced on Pinterest and it troubles me....

Clinton's body count
47+ friends/associates who died or disappeared 

Truth or fiction says there is not proof that any of the strange happenings during the Clinton years in office were connected to the Clintons but just pause and look at this information

What really happened...

During their time in office there were 12 or more friends/associated who were murdered and 7 committed suicide. 12 of their body guards died! Just think in only eight years all these deaths not to include the many other deaths that were not ruled murder or suicide but died under questionable circumstances.

In my whole 66 years of life I have only personally known two  people who committed suicide and only one business associate who was murdered and let me tell you that was troubling enough for me.
I can not fathom that these two people have been associated with all this tragedy and not even blink an eye. 

  How many people in your life has committed suicide or been murdered?


Saturday, June 7, 2014

A new adventure

Maybe because of the fact that I am an only child it is very easy for me to keep myself entertained and just stay home but I have become aware that even if this might be a blessing I tend to become isolated  from the world at large so over the years I have tried to volunteer in different area's. I interpret for the deaf at my church and that is ongoing and I once volunteer at a local hospital as well as the Glendale Police Dept. but the later two didn't become a passion so I left them. I recently saw an ad for a need for volunteers for the court system through Family Advocacy Center which interested me so I went to the orientation and was so impressed with their program I enlisted to volunteer in other areas as well. Little did I know that this volunteer position would have the same requirements as if I were becoming a employee of the Glendale Police Dept.  so along with résumés and fingerprinting I was required to take a poly graph test....

This was a totally new experience and included me having to drive 40 miles to get it done. That is a bit out of my comfort zone but......I did it! The reason all this is required is because once they give you access to the computer, you then will have access to all the police files for Glendale so it is important they know you aren't a bad guy.  I have volunteered several times now and have really enjoy it and the case workers, detectives and etc. are really nice so think this one is a fit for me.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Devil's advacate

If you have watched the news at all you will recognize this picture of the Marine that accidently crossed the Mexican border with guns and ammo in his car and most everyone here in the US is outraged at their insensitivity to the situation; but let me play the Devil's advocate for just a bit. That country does not allow guns in the hands of their is their law and this man for whatever reason showed up there with them. Also does anyone remember Fast and Furious?  Did you ever hear Eric Holder apologize to Mexico for all the illegal guns that he sent their way? Most of us was outraged because one of those guns killed one of OUR border agents and yes I agree but maybe this has been a little one sided if you look at it from their perspective. I do hope that they will be able to see that  this Marine had no evil intent and let him come home but I think giving them time to go through their process is not unreasonable and by the way do you know how long US citizens sit in jail waiting for a hearing?
"People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ar. road trip cont. 5

This was our last day and we were to fly out late in the evening so gave us some time to do a little more sight seeing before getting on the plane to come home.
First off I want to say that if it wouldn't have been for the Scout app. my grandson set up for me we wouldn't have ventured in the city places but with my phone plugged into the car the voice talks to you over the radio and my hubby doesn't tend to argue with her like he would with me LOL

Hubby and I grew up in a small town with no food chains of restaurants or grocery stores so when we are driving through small towns we like to stop at a local restaurant and get a cup of coffee....we lucked out and got HOMEMADE coconut cream pie too.
Loved the little sign they had on the wall...
Definitely not a fancy place but homey..
and made for a great pit stop.
I had read of the Old Grist Mill just north of Little Rock and wanted to go there. It took a few tries but we made it.....Such a pretty little spot right in town.
 Had to climb the stair and then there is was...
The back side
When you walk across this bridge and look down the other way this is what you see..
There were elegant homes there on the left with their own place on the river.
What I didn't know it that this lovely spot is a Memorial
We tried to go to the River Market which is right next to Clinton Ave. but it was roped off by the police so don't know what had happened but when all else fails we can always go and eat...
This place caught our eye and it was a bit too early for lunch but we figured we could do brunch..
Oh my gosh!!! Hubby ordered the Asparagus & Mushroom Omelet for us to share and it was delicious with fresh asparagus, portabella mushrooms, spinach, Parmesan & Fontana cheese with Tasso Cheese Grits.
We shared it along with a glass of wine and what a treat it was......
Parking on Clinton Ave. was a bit of a challenge so we had to park and walk a bit but passed a couple of little park areas...
This made me think of my daughter....she loves rabbits.
The eagle stood guard.
Our plane was delayed so our wait at the airport was longer than planned and almost didn't make our connecting flight in Houston but we got home safe and sound. Arkansas is a great place to visit!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Road trip con. 4

Here the land opened up with meadows and wild flowers.

Our last night stay was in Harrison, Ar. at the 1929 Hotel Seville and what a grand place this is.

So glad it has been restored for us to enjoy..
Old glass doors looking out the bar
 Old ironwork
The beautiful old brick

But it's the lobby that dazzles you!!
It is really beautiful and see the wood railing going up both sides of stairs? I was struck by it because it is real old worn wood and shaped in a special way to wrap your hand so that it feels like the railing is holding you rather than you holding the railing...(they too have a elevator). Notice the flying birds? They are not painted on but are tiles as well as in the arches and etc.
They were having a Crawdad festival the day we arrived and felt bad because it ended up being a cold rainy day and put a damper on things including a car show just down the street. It didn't bother us as we had our 3 hour nap and then drinks and dinner. Now I have to tell you that the restaurant service was so slow it was all we could do to sit there and that was for both dinner and our breakfast the next morning but once the food came...all was forgiven. It was such good old fashion cooking!!
This was a small friendly little town and glad the old hotel was here because that is what drew us.
 (to be cont.)