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Monday, May 18, 2015

This and That

I have trouble getting shoes that don't hurt my feet and was searching for a pair to break in before our up coming trip....this is what I found!
Sketchers:) So far they have been working out good.

Have you seen tomatoes growing upside down? Well this is mine and it seems to be working fine

but I don't think I should think in salad terms:)
Here is a tidbit. If you download books using overdrive and suddenly start having trouble? Don't hurry and buy a new device like I did. Uninstall overdrive and then re-install it. Might just solve all the problems. I learned this the hard way recently but am the proud owner of a new Nano.

Image result for nano pictures

Check this out.....
Comparison of the Titanic and a cruise ship today. Nothing like  picture to give a little perspective!

and last but not least.......


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

They don't make them like they use to...

I grew up in a small grocery store so after I married my folks bought  hubby and I a freezer so we could buy a half a beef (made payments) and eat more than just hamburger:)
Well here it is 44 years later and still running!!
We built this special little cubby hole for it when we built the house 24 years ago. It is starting to make some noises so I imagine any day it will give up the ghost but I am not worried as there is no half a beef in it to go bad....just a little ice cream and ice and some frozen milk......
I could just shut it down but then I am not sure what I will put in the cubby hole but you know I could just store things inside it not running like.......YARN!!! Only you knitters will appreciate that comment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hubby and I decided to take a little week-end trip to Yuma. We had been there many years ago for a competition and went through the old prison but it has become a snow bird community and there have been changes. We stayed at the Radisson Hotel
and it was a great place to stay. Close to the freeway, close parking, great room and bed, friendly people, nice restaurant and the best free breakfast ever!
We drove down to old town and the main street was pretty as a picture...
This fountain was in the center of the road creating a circle to drive around:)
The old Saint Carlos hotel, even had some old timers sitting the bench chatting.
the old theatre
A cute Italian place and don't you love the bikes in the front!
We went to Algodones, Mexico which is only 7 miles from Yuma. I had heard how this was a good place and very safe and etc. Well, it is safe but for my taste it was not good. It is streets lined with vendors that hawk at you as you walk by...Lady!! Pretty jewelry, need a dentist? Glasses? and etc. A typical border town I guess you would say. We spent about an hour, had a beer and headed back. When we checked back in to the U.S. the man checking our passports was surprised we hadn't bought anything and had nothing to claim.
All in all we had a nice time and the weather was perfect:)


Monday, April 13, 2015

What's new?

New Granddog...named Magnum and only 8 weeks old here.
Granddaughter's Junior prom
A perfect match

Friday, April 10, 2015

Did you know

This is a old medicine from my youth that is used as a poultice for boils or sebaceous cysts. I have a tendency to get the cysts and until recently forgot about this but remembered and went digging in the medicine cabinet and found some. I am happy to report it WORKS!!
Check it out here

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Do not be afraid, I know you are looking for Jesus who was crucified...He is not here: HE has RISEN! Just like He said ~ Matthew 28:5-6

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cat's Claw

This is cat's claw blooming on my back fence and
on the little half wall on the driveway.
This plant is very aggressive and has a 3 pronged claw that enable it to climb most anywhere. These blooms turn into 12-18 inch pods that are not so attractive.
Cats Claw is a vine commonly known as Una de Gato and is used traditionally in Peruvian medicine for the treatment of a wide range of health problems, particularly digestive complaints and arthritis and to treat wounds, stomach problems, cancer, and more but not used here in the U.S. that I know of.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A sewing kick

Many years ago I sewed most all my clothes and my daughters but then she grew up and wanted to wear what the other kids wore and knit went out of style so fit became more difficult to accomplish but now that I am an older lady and am tending to like the loose flowing things I have decided to jump back into my fabric stash and if nothing else whittle it down and maybe hit on some things I really like while I am at it....
Here is my first one:
Hubby and I are going on a Viking cruise down the Danube in June and I wanted something to sit out on the balcony that was a little like a kaftan.
This is from fabric that I have had forever and thought I might like to wear a sundress this summer instead of shorts...
I had bought this fabric thinking I would make a cropped top to wear over a black dress and then decided I liked the fabric enough to just make a whole blouse (can still wear it over the black dress).
This is one I may not keep for long but for now it's okay..
I have been enjoying sewing and am hoping to hone in on a few patterns and maybe then get some new fabric with some new ideas....we shall see.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It is what it is.........

Well as you can see we skipped spring and went right to summer. The bees decided that that pop out would make a good hive and fortunately they hadn't gotten too far with their plan. Here it is the middle of March and already getting up to the ninety's.

On a sad note had to put my little dog down yesterday. He was 13 years old and worn out. It is a hard thing as most of you know first hand.

On a funny note, I have danced with my hubby for over 50 years barefoot....
and he has never stepped on my toe but last week he got me good!

Friday, March 6, 2015

This and That

I am not sure why I haven't been motivated to post but it is a fact. I took these pictures to post but it has been a while so it is "old" news. Oh well here it goes...
My modem went out so I had to get a new one and more important, set it up.
With help I got it done and wow!! So much faster and clearer. I should have thought it was time because I had the old one over nine years.

I had a favorite candle in my kitchen and used it all up so I was on the hunt for a replacement. I don't like a lot of the ones they have but low and behold I found this one...
at Walmart and I LOVE IT!! Most interesting, on the side it says "Made in the USA" and as I read it the people began this business in Fayetteville, Ar. We were there as posted here. I am going to have to make another trip and get some more because I really like it:)
Hubby brought me a bouquet of roses and Star Gazers (my favorite flower). It was so very pretty and the star gazers lasted for a week and a half.
If only I could sent the scent  along:)
Here is my little parakeet
                                                          Rico, my pretty baby blue bird.
Here is a quick as a wink Frito casserole for one.
Put a layer of Frito's, then some can chili. Let it sit for a while or over night and then heat it up in the microwave and put cheese on top. I love to add shredded lettuce.

I leave you with this gorgeous sunset from my Arizona skies.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Price Tower

UNESCO World Heritage Nominee
Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower

Because we have stayed here I received a email about this event. Located in Bartlesville, OK. (70 miles from Ponca City, Okla.).  It is the only skyscraper that Frank Lloyd Wright built but it is nothing less than genius.

"This geometry was the first of its type to be used, replacing the designs of a conventional steel frame. 
The hollow concrete spine contains the all the building's plumbing, elevators, and air-conditioning systems and breaks the structure into four quadrants.  Three of the quadrants were designed to be used as office spaces, and the remaining quadrant for duplex apartments.  The vertical central core absorbs the weight of each successive floor, similar to how a trunk supports the branches of a tree."

Sleeping area
Everything is small scale but it lacks for nothing.

The dinning room is called the Copper Room
I suppose that was a no brainer since the bar is solid copper. The food was wonderful and the view is great. We stayed her two times while I was writing the book and if it were closer I would go back in a minute. Hope they get the award.



Monday, February 9, 2015

Hassaysmpa Inn

Several years ago I read about traveling alone and the things you could learn from it so I took a few trips on my own and indeed it is an awaking. For one thing if you aren't haven't a good time there is no one to blame since you are totally in charge. I also found it interesting how differently I did things like waking, napping, eating and etc. Less routine and more spontaneous. I forget how helpful that kind of venture can be but when some circumstances arose here at home I decided to take a little jaunt up North on my own. I not only have gone here (Prescott, Az.) many times but lived here with my Grandmother when I went through beauty school, although it is a very different place now. 

I stayed at the Hassayampa Inn that is located right down town and have posted about this before

It is a lovely historic hotel and I love everything about it except the stairs! They have a elevator but since it is the original one you have to ask them to take you up in it and hate to bother people. The other disadvantage is that it is at the top of a hill and of course going down is a breeze but that coming up.....oh boy. I will say I exercised without intention:) The weather was lovely so spent a lot of time out and about.
 I will share some pictures with you.
Just heading down the hill and saw this old clock
Went past that street light and found the cutest restaurant called "The Lone Spur". Had breakfast here with this cowboy picture looking over my shoulder
and the horns chandelier overhead
It was quite a cute place and the food was excellent!!
People were standing in line waiting to get in as I left.
I walked around the courthouse (where hubby and I came to get our marriage license) and saw this statue....
Funny, I had never noticed it before. The trees are all bare but will be green this summer.
I found a bench and did a little knitting and people watched for a while and as I was leaving I snapped this picture of the restaurant....they have a sign saying they will be expanding to the building next door so that is a sure sign that business is good.
Although my room was on the third floor I did enjoy it as I had two windows that looked out over the streets and of course it was filled with antiques like this beautiful chest of drawers...
Don't you wish they could talk and tell you the stories they know (every drawer had a lock).
Well, I spent two nights and one full day and it was very good for me.
Need to remember to do this more often:)


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

True Freedom requires responsibility

We all read the headlines:

"On this day in 2008, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois defeats Senator John McCain of Arizona to become the 44th U.S. president, and the first African American elected to the White House."

This was a lie from the start as pointed out by Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman
when speaking on NPR  he stated Barack Obama is "not America's first black president. He's America's first mixed-race president"
But to take it a step further Dr. Jack Wheeler points out that Barack Hussein Obama is half white and half Arab not African American. He did not come from descendants of enslaved Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn't a single ancestor who was a slave. His middle name, Hussein is derived from Arabic and  his Arab ancestors were slave owners. Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it.

No matter what his name....Barry Soetoro, Barack Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Hussein Obama or what his color or mixture, many people were duped by the race card and his brilliant "Hope and Change" theme in which people inserted their own idea of hope and change and did not look for the qualifications needed to lead our great country. Consequently, a high percentage of people are very unhappy today. It might be good to remember that you not need to be on a southern plantation to be a slave, if you are dependent on government entitlements you just have a different slave owner.

"True freedom requires responsibility"


Monday, January 26, 2015

Basket of Hope

As most of you know the Super Bowl will be played here in Arizona next week and this event was held at my church today. So many people willing to help and wanting to make a difference. It is a shining light is our cold dark world for sure.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lombard Street

This is the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco, Calif.


It is said to be the crookedest street in the world. Built in 1922, the design was intended to reduce the hills natural 27% grade. It is about 600 feet long and is paved with red bricks. The sign at the top recommends 5 mph. It is lined in flowers and greenery and is beautiful but because of the tourist is have become bit of a hazard.
Lombard Street

But how about going down it on a skateboard with no brakes?

Not for the weak hearted