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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift that keeps giving all year long

Year after year I struggle to find special gifts for my loved ones and rarely do I remember from year to year what I got them and I doubt that they remember either. This is one of the reasons I so enjoy giving these types of gifts to those who really need them.

Give a goat. Goats nourish hungry children and families with healthy milk, cheese, and yogurt. Goats also give a much-needed income boost by providing offspring and extra dairy products for sale at the market.
A healthy dairy goat can give up to 16 cups of milk a day. Goat milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk and is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients that growing children need. Goats are practical animals — flourishing in harsh climates while producing valuable manure to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens.

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Tiggeriffic said...

A church nearby collets money for this program and I always give a good amount to go to these people.
It's a worthwhile organization and does a lot of good for hungry starving people.
Thanks for bringing this idea to peoples attention.
ta ta for now...from Iowa

Farmchick said...

Really a nice post about a topic that is so important.

Nancy said...

This is a very worthwhile charity that can really make a difference in someone's life. Thank you for reminding us all of what the season should be about. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

A gift that keeps on giving. How thoughtful. Peace

Allison said...

A wonderful idea!

Granny Annie said...

This is a great cause.