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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas decorations

Unlike most people, I don't like to put up the Christmas decorations until just a few weeks before Christmas. I happen to be married to the top Mr. Scrooge so my kids take pity on me and come and put them all up........ In exchange I fix dinner. Tonight is the night and I have a few new Christmas decorations

I worked on this cross stitch for years, finished it and tucked it away for safe keeping. It was safe alright, totally forgot about it until I came upon it recently.

This is a project I saw on a fellow blogger and fell in love with it  Here it is turned on
This is a surprise gift to my kids and will take residence at their house.
These little knitted stockings will hold gift cards and candy and will be hung on the tree after they leave.

The dinner menu is Pork tenderloin, home made macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole and cranberry spinach salad.......and for desert....old fashioned banana pudding...that is if I quit blogging and get myself to the grocery store.


Nancy said...

If I offer them a meal, will they come and help me decorate, too?

The tiny stockings will look great on the tree.

Tiggeriffic said...

I love those tiny stockings..can you send me the pattern?

I'm dragging my feet in getting out the tree and all the decorations.. My friend Carrol offered this morning but I told her that I would take her up after Dave got the tree up and the lights on the tree. Haven't gotten the tree out for 3 years.. Grandchildren haven't come this way at Christmas so I just went to their house in Illinois to enjoy their tree and decorations.. Makes it way to easy to not get out any Christmas decorations,,,don't have to put any away after Christmas.:)
ta ta for now from Iowa 13 degrees and Sunny

Nancy said...

(the other Nancy): Glad you have some help with your decorating. I do very little, as it is only myself and my husband -- plus, I'm not much for bringing things out and then having to put them away again in a couple of weeks. Not my favorite thing to do. You Krafty block and the little stockings are adorable. Great work!

Changes in the wind said...

Here is the pattern for the stockings in case anyone else wanted it...

Rae said...

What pretty decorations!! Lucky you - I wish my family would do my decorating. It is my solely my chore and I don't enjoy it at all, but I sure love all the pretty lights and displays once they are up.

Chatty Crone said...

Looks like you have things pretty much under control and ready for Christmas.


Lady Di Tn said...

The cross stitch is wonderful and I am happy you can upon it's hiding place. Those tiny stockings are adorable and what a wonderful idea for gift cards or cash. Do you think your kids would come to TN next year and decorate for me as I am usually the one to do all the decorating. I fix them a good old southern meal. I hope to get our tree this weekend, we cut our own last year off the farm. However, it seemed to dry out quicker than store bought ones. Peace

Allison said...

Hello! And thank you for stopping by gallimaufry! I am taken with the little stockings you plan on hanging on your tree. Did you knit them yourself? And the pressing question is ... do you have a pattern? :) So cute!