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Monday, December 13, 2010

Time to make more friendship bags

Last year I made 12 of these and we gave away the last one Wed. night on our way home from dinner. A young man was next to the road with a sign that said "I'm 19 no family and I'm hungry. I have enjoyed having these available in my car for such occasions. They are simply, they don't go bad and is better than handing out money.

Friendship bag (contents)
a pop-top can of fruit or fruit cocktail
a pop-top can of Vienna sausage
a small can of juice
a package of cheese and crackers, or peanut butter and crackers
a napkin and plastic fork
a moist towelette
one all-day bus pass
change for a local phone call
a card with community contact phone numbers (crisis clinic, food bank, salvation army)
a coupon for a free shower at the local YMCA
or anything you think would be helpful to someone on the street. Roll up and staple shut.


Nancy said...

This is such a wonderful idea. It gives the person a helping hand with dignity and with love. God Bless you for doing this.

Tiggeriffic said...

This brought tears to my eyes... What a wonderful blessing these bags are and a great way of showing the true Christmas Spirit.
I called my son Rich who lives in the Chicago area and told him about your idea.. He said he was going to the store with the kids when they get home and pick up these things and get their bags ready...Great idea~!
ta ta for now from Iowa

Farmchick said...

Really a wonderful idea.

Together We Save said...

That is a wonderful and generous idea!

Rae said...

What an excellent idea. I think I will do this too. I would like to copy this idea, giving you credit of course, on my blog. Would you have any objection? I think it is so thoughtful and one that can be done all year long.

Changes in the wind said...

Thank you to all for your comments and of course take it on as your own!

Chatty Crone said...

You know I have NEVER ever thought of that - what a fabulous idea. Sandie

Nancy said...

How thoughtful you are to do this. I'm sure you've touched many a heart on your travels, giving out these much-needed supplies. The true spirit of the season, indeed.

Granny Annie said...

Such a perfect solution for giving to the homeless and hungry. The idea touches my heart. I guess there is a bit of "bah-humbug" in me when I wonder how many wanting only cash will toss these neat bags aside without even opening them. Hopefully not many and the ones who will appreciate it are well worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to give. I love this idea.

Thanks sfor stopping by my blog. I enjoyed my visit here on yours!

Liz (aka Ninny)

Mountain Blessings said...

What an awesome idea! Howdy from Show Low btw. I really like the frienship bag and it will be so easy to keep in the car. Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas and blessings, Marla