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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love bridges and especially suspension bridges. I have only walked across one but look at all these bridges I found online.
                                                                                      A  vine bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a simple suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current bridge is 136 metres (446 ft) long and 70 metres (230 ft) above the river.

Don't you want to see where it goes?

More like a climbing ladder.

Left or right?

Hope the wind isn't blowing.

Maybe we could stop and fish off this one.

So what do you there one you would like to cross?


Canyon Girl said...

I'm glad it got straightened out. It made me realize that I didn't put your blog in my sidebar. I follow blogs from there because it's easier to get back to the next one. I will take care of it right now. No way would you find me on a bridge like that.--Inger

Chatty Crone said...

Some of those bridges scare me - but the one that went in two directions kind of intriqued me - where did they go?


Changes in the wind said...

Sandie, This was in the South Pacific and each went to a cottage type buildin you could huh?

Nancy said...

The Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, CO is impressive. I refused to look down from the bridge -- too high and too scary. It is the second highest suspension bridge in the US at 1,000 ft above the river.

Tiggeriffic said...

There is a suspension bridge in Greenville,South Carolina going across the Reedy River.. It is cool...
ta ta for now from Iowa
I love those bridges and love going across them.. I like the feel of the swing and

Mountain Mama said...

Your bridge pictures are so pretty. Yes I do wonder where they go. I am not good with heights yet but am working on it. The vine bridge would probably do me in because I have vertigo. I can't imagine trying to walk on something that moves under me. LOL

Nancy said...

I am so afraid of heights -- I have vertigo -- that all of these bridges look terrifying to cross.

They are beautiful structures. I just can't bear the thought of stepping out onto one. :)

Meg said...

The suspension bridges are terrifyingly beautiful. I don't think I would ever have the courage to walk one of them. But I'll take the stones in the water!

Thank you for such a nice comment about my blue Emilies! :)

Granny Annie said...

I developed a severe bridge phobia after crossing the Royal Gorge bridge as a child. Certainly none of these bridges appeal to me but I admire you enjoyment of them. Just another sample of your courage and confidence.