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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Issue changes

For months on end all we heard was the controversy of the war....should we have gone in, are we winning, when will we leave, why did it start, what was the goal...................

Now we have a new song to sing:
I recently heard someone on TV make the statement that maybe our gas woes was good for us..............I think I may agree with that statement, we are indeed the most blessed country in the world and the biggest whiners ever! Typically we blame someone else..............but the truth is, out of sight out of mind. Ten years ago congress tried to get the okay to start drilling but President Clinton veto it. If we would have drilled then, we would have the oil we need today and be able to tell these other countries to take their barrel of oil and you know what but people are still singing the same old song...."Even if we start drilling today we won't get any oil for 2,5,10 years". Well, maybe it isn't just about us and fortunately there are some who's song and life reveals this truth.


JeanMac said...

Oh, boy, did that piece touch me. What pictures and words.Makes me get goose bumps and tears.

Granny Annie said...

Oh Monica, are you insinuating that President Clinton goofed during his administration? Surely you jest!

My dad always said, "Unless you jump in the water you'll never get wet."

Chatty Crone said...

It meant a lot to me too. I'd like to 'borrow' this song for the 4th of July. Chatty

Changes in the wind said...

Chatty feel free to use the song,) I "borrowed" it from an email sent to me:)

Lady Di Tn said...

You go girl. I love the way you do not pull any punches.
If we put out 'WHINING JARS" we could collect enough to clear the national debt.
I will go further and say we need to stop making everything so convenant for everyone. Then they would have to use their brains and plan ahead.

Two Feathers said...

Actually, 14 years ago a car was developed that runs on compressed air... why didn't the "powers that be" jump all over that one? That's what I'd like to know.

It's only just now being manufactured in France... why isn't it being manufactured here?

How is drilling for more oil going to solve the problems of not enough fuel to go around. Surely, there is more than enough air!!

And think of how much better for the environment! I agree that the high fuel prices are good ... they are forcing change where change might never occurred.

I say, let's not drill for more oil, let's do way better than that!

Changes in the wind said...

Two about both....don't think the big trucks that bring your produce will be able to run on air so there will always be a need for gas but we defineately should be looking for I said before, out of sight, out of mind.