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Friday, March 30, 2012

I am taking the challenge

Inger over at Desert Canyon Living asked me if I was taking the A - Z challenge. I don't normally do these things but after checking it out decided I would go for it.......I am not alone, when I signed up I was number 1,262!
There is still time if you want to join in, just click on the A -Z banner to the right and you can get all the info.


Chatty Crone said...

This is going to be something new for you - you go girl. sandie

Granny Annie said...

I think I already told you good luck but just in case, here it is again. My comments have been rejected over and over this morning.

Nezzy said...

Have a blast girlfriend. I read several of the A to Z's but am so sporadically busy on the Ponderosa, I've never committed.

I might have to go round up cattle or pull Farm Boy outta a creek at a moments notice. I've learn, "Help, can ya come help me out for a minute," can mean, "Drop whatever your doin' 'cause your day is shot!" Heeehehehehe!

I look forward to readin' you A~Z...I've got a feelin' it's gonna be great!!!

Konstanz Silverbow said...

I'm just dropping by to say hello! I look forward to seeing the alphabet all over your blog in April!

Konstanz Silverbow
A to Z Co-host

Heather Murphy said...

Very interesting facts about Arizona! Thanks for the information. I look forward to finding out what else you have in store for the challenge. And thanks for stopping by