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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More of those intelligent questions.....

1. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

2. Have you ever cut your own hair?

3. Scrambled or fried eggs?

4. Shower with bar or liquid soap?

5. Do you snore?

6. Have you ever locked the keys in the car?

7. Do you dance?

8. What color are most of the walls in you home?

9. Coffee or shower first in the morning?

10. Do yo spend more time watching T.V. or on the computer?

My answers:
1.  Yes every summer with hubby in our pool at night....shhhhhh
2. All the time....I was a beautician.
3. Scrambled for me.
4. Liquid soap.
5. Yes I am sorry to say....I snore and it aint' pretty.
6. Locked the keys in a rental car in Philadelphia.
7.  Yes, Hubby and I have been dancing together for 47 years and get lots of compliments on our "style".
8. A very bright white....(a little old fashion)
9. Coffee for sure.
10. The computer hands down.'s your turn...........................................


TexWisGirl said...

bar soap
yes, i've locked my keys in my car (but now carry an extra in my purse)
yes, i snore - like a hamster, so i've been told.
skinny dipping? sorry to say, no...

Lady Di Tn said...

Well I will answer but you know me I cannot simply answer.
1. No, but some of my bikini's in my past would have qualified as Nothing.
2. Usually the top or bangs if they get too long between haircuts.
3. Scrambled. I cannot look an egg white in the eye.
4. Both. Certain parts require Dial soap.
5. Yes. Doesn't everyone?
6. Yes. Twice in 40 years.
7. As often as I get the chance.
8. Beige with sunlight white trim.
9. You better give me my Coffee or die.
10. Too much of each. Need be out side more or doing something with my hands.

Chatty Crone said...

1. no
2. no
3. scrambled
4. liquid soap
5. yes a little
6. yes
7. no
8. beige
9. coffee
10. computer

I look boring! sandie

Flora said...

1. NO I would NEVER skinny dip...not even with hubby:)
2. yes I have cut my hair...a few to many times
3. fried eggs
4. what soap there is
5. I say no I don't snore...hubby said I do sometimes:)
6. No keys locked in car
7. have danced a couple times...but not enough
8. walls are Chestertown Buff
9.Shower before coffee
10. computer

Wool Winder said...

1. Never skinny-dipped.
2. Wouldn't dare attempt to cut my hair.
3. I like both, but eat scrambled more often.
4. I'm still a fan of bar soap for bathing. Liquid soap for shaving.
5. We all snore in our family.
6. I once locked the keys in the car twice in one day.
7. No dancing since my college days.
8. Walls: Kestrel White.
9. Bathe at night. Coffee in the morning.
10. TV and computer about equal. Maybe a slight edge to TV.

Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

Skinny dipping? Yes, about 20 years ago!
Yes, I cut my own hair sometimes.
Scrambled w/ ketchup! YuMmY!
Both bar & liquid, which ever one I wanna smell like at that time.
Yes, I snore... who doesn't? LoL!
Yep, keys locked up & more than once!
I do NOT dance... it wouldn't be pretty if I did.
I bought my place w/ very pale yellow walls & haven't changed them, yet.
Always a shower & never any coffee!
I have the TV on while I'm on the computer, so both.

that was fun =)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes Skinny Dipping is great fun!
Yes..but it was crooked.
Liquid Soap
Yes I snore.
Yes one time..and I was in a big hurry..finally found a locksmith and three hours later it was unlocked.
Not much dancing..a belly rubbing once in awhile:)
All no paint
Breakfast first!
Computer and TV all at the same time:)

Granny Annie said...

1. Yes -- Oh those were the days.
2. Yes -- what little there is to cut.
3. Of course -- we raise chickens:)
4. Liquid
5. Used to. Now I have a sleep machine.
6. Let me count the times...
7. Rarely anymore. To many aches and pains.
8. Eggshell white
9. Coffee, coffee and more coffee.
10. Lately neither because the grandkids visiting for spring break are hogging both.