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Friday, February 11, 2011

Collections cont.

Did I ever tell you that I like old cars?

No I don't have one of these tucked away in the garage LOL

but I do have little ones in lots of places like this one
that sits on the glass shelf in the half bath and across the way are these

This one sits on top of the freezer...oppps should have dusted before picture:)

and then there is this

The brown part is leather and the car is metal. Hangs in our entry way from the garage......
I am not sure you can call my things collections because they are small in number but they are still a group of things soooooo
 lets see...I have guns, dolls, clocks and cars. What do you suppose might be next?

Note: I have added links to the old posts showing these other collections.


Rae said...

Cars are the one thing I never managed to add to my collection obsession. My grandson does plenty of it for me though. I like your old car collection.

texwisgirl said...

Oh I like the small collectibles better than the full-size cars! :)

Meg said...

We have a group of restored cars like that around here. They get together every now and then and it's so fun to see them go driving down the street. Love your collection!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh gosh this reminds me of my aunt - she loved those and had those too!


Farmchick said...

My son has a few of these cars. I really love the real ones.

Canyon Girl said...

Very cool old cars. I love them too.

Granny Annie said...

Let's see the dolls next. I know you've done the guns already. These small cars are really neat. Certainly easier to store than authentic old cars. LOL