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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Drum Roll please.....................................................

The consensus is that 100% has broadened their world through blogging!!!!
Most people read their blogs everyday.
Most leave a comment either because they like what they read or because that person left a comment on theirs.
About half the people search other blogs through comments.
Blogs are tracked by blogroll, Dashboard, Igoogle reader, side bar and favorites bar.

Thanks was fun!

I am looking for opinion's here.

(A)   Do you think people leave comments on your blog:
1. Because you left a comment on there's.
2. Because they enjoyed what you wrote.
3. Because they are family and just staying connected.
4. Because you are on their followers list.
5. Leave your own answer

(B)   How do you keep tract of the bloggers you follow?
1. Have a special document folder with all of them in it.
2. Use your followers side bar.
3. Have them on your favorites bar.
4. Leave your own answer

(C)   Do read your blogs everyday?
1. Yes
2. No

(D)   Do you search other blogs comments to find new blogs that interest you?
1. Yes
2. No

(E)    Do you feel you have broaden your world through blogging?
1. Yes
2. No

I am just curious about these things and have a confession to make.... if I see a blog that has over 15 comments I rarely leave a comment myself (just figure they don't need mine).


Rae said...

A. Liked what they wrote.
B. On my blogger dashboard.
C. Yes
D. No
E. Yes

I don't always comment, because sometimes I have nothing to offer or the topic was uninteresting, but I read all the blogs I follow. I think most bloggers want a lot of comments, so I still add mine even if there are already quite a few already.

Lady Di Tn said...

A. Because I enjoy what they write or their photos.
B. Favorites bar with less than two handfuls on it.
C. No as time gets away some days.
D. Only if I see a name that catches my eye. I do not take time to read others comments on blogs I follow.
E. Yes I have meet fascinating folks from areas that I would not have met otherwise.

If I happen to be on the computer with a little time during my time off from bloggin, I still read those blogs I enjoy but do not leave a comment. However, today I found I needed to do your survey.

There were blogger I enjoyed that are no longer bogging and I often wonder how they are doing. All I can say is May the Peace of the Lord be with them and you.

Nancy said...

Interesting questions.

I leave comments on blogs if I like the post (photos/writing) but I also visit the blogs of those who comment on my blog and frequently leave comments for them, too. New friends are made that way.

I use Google Reader to keep track of the blogs I frequently read, and I check the blogs every day. If I don't read them every day, it becomes too overwhelming.

Yes, I've been knows to check blogs of those who leave comments. After all, we share a common interest in the blog where they commented.

Oh yes, I have learned a great deal from blogs and met some wonderful and interesting people.

I, too, do not bother to comment when there are multiple comments, and I do not follow blogs that are obviously set up to sell things or to advertise.

I hope you will compile the answers you receive in another post.

texwisgirl said...

I try to comment on about 90% of the blogs I follow - to show appreciation for their posts/photos/sharing life and to let them know I stopped by. And I think a lot of folks try to do the same on my site.

I use Google Reader as a feed for all the blogs I follow so I don't miss a post.

I do read other's comments and often find new blogs to follow by clicking on ids to read profiles and get back to their blogs.

I read every day.

I have met some of the most wonderful souls thru this cross-blogging world. I love this community.

Chatty Crone said...

a. 2 hopefully they like what i write about and then loyality?
b.igoogle reader
d. sometimes
e.yes absolutely


Mountain Mama said...

A. 2
B. 2
C. 1
D. 1
E. 1 Absolutely
This is an interesting post. It's nice to know what other bloggers thing.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well you are not up to 15 comments yet so I will leave mine! LOL

A. I think people leave comments because they enjoyed what I wrote.
B. I use the Dashboard reader most of the time..and I do have some Wordpress blogs on my Favorites.
C. Yes I am a reader..
D. Not so much anymore. I have enough to read!
E. Yes..absolutely and I have met so many interesting people and visited so many places..and let me tell you winter is long in Minnesota and we stay home most evenings:)

Nancy said...

(A) 1, 2 and 4.

(B) I use Blogger Dashboard or Google Reader to keep track of my subscriptions.

I try to read all new posts on blogs I follow every day.

I did that more in the past than now because I follow so many blogs as it is. But there always seems to be room for one more!

I have met so many interesting and friendly people through blogging.

As far as the number of comments on one of my posts -- I read and appreciate every one. When I'm commenting, I don't pay attention to how many comments a post has -- if I am interested and have something to add, I will. :)

I hope this helps you to figure out your particular blogging style. Whatever works best for you is all that matters.

Farmchick said...

A. I think a combo of the first two answers.

B. I use my dashboard on blogger to comment on blogs that I follow. Very easy to keep up that way.

C. Everyday, yes....

D. It depends on what I see. Sometimes I find a new blog.

E. YES! I love the people I have met through blogging and have learned so much about others this way.

Mevely317 said...

Good posers here!
Off the top of my head:
A (1)
B (3)
C (1)
D (2 -- not enough time!)
E (Yes! .. a thousand times, yes! Whether or not I've an opportunity to meet some of these folk, face-to-face, there are several who've really made my little world a sweeter place to play.)

PS - Love what Lady Di TN wrote in her closing paragraph!

Joycee said...

A. I am a terrible blogger who's always late for I leave comments but not as often as I should. I need 40 whacks to straighten me out!
B. In my blogroll on the dashboard and I LOVE a lot of blogs!
C. No :-{
D. Yes, a comment often strikes my curiosity and I click on it to be pleasantly surprised with yet another favorite blog! Help me!
E. Yes, in fact I blogged about just that today! Social networking has added to our lives, even though it takes away from the one on one. The world has changed with families and friends miles apart, busy working and we have to change with it or lose you agree? Great post, after two years I still have a handful of comments but I've found some amazing people in this big old world who are so interesting, so funny, so insightful. Just look on my followers list for my favorites!

Knitty said...

(A) Do you think people leave comments on your blog:
1. Because you left a comment on there's
and also
2. Because they enjoyed what you wrote.

(B) How do you keep tract of the bloggers you follow?
1. Have a special document folder with all of them in it
and also
3. Have them on your favorites bar.

(C) Do read your blogs everyday?
1. Yes

(D) Do you search other blogs comments to find new blogs that interest you?
1. Yes

(E) Do you feel you have broaden your world through blogging?
1. Yes

I used to participate in a few memes that occur regularly on a particular day of the week but stopped because I couldn't visit every person who participated. I know that I didn't have to do that, but it felt right to me, and was a good way to find new blogs to read and sometimes to find new friends. Some of those weekly blog parties have grown even larger and a few have disappeared.

Granny Annie said...

A. (5)
I usually have something in common with the blogger.
B. (4)
Google Reader
C. (2)
D. (1)
E. (1)

Interesting survey.

Allison said...

A) I've wondered myself why people leave comments on my blog... but I am always so happy to have visitors and their funny or sensitive or serious comments that I've stopped asking myself. Honestly, I'm glad to have the company.

B) Google reader

C) Yes unless I am so busy with my family or work that I feel it would take away from those who need me.

D) Sometimes, yes. But I like to pay attention to those people I already follow, so I don't go looking for numbers.

E) Yes. In a way, I sometimes feel guilty for not being able to comment more, though. With four kids and a job, I don't always have the time to squeeze it in. But the people I have met blogging have become dear to my heart.