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Sunday, August 15, 2010


If you are a business owner you soon know what regulars are......priceless!

From the group of gun owners that meet at the gun shop every afternoon and then go to lunch together, to the group of old men who meet for morning coffee at Denny's to cuss and discuss the politics of the day to the Bible study group that meets at Starbucks and etc.

Hubby and I have become "regulars" in several locations but as I contemplate it....the reason for each situation is always the same...relationship. Now maybe you are surrounded by family and that is your main relationships which is a good thing but I have to tell you that there is something very unique about these out of the ordinary developed relationships that spring up in the most unusual places.

Over a year ago now, Hubby and I found a little restaurant that not only has good food but has Karaoke on Monday nights and a two man western band on Fri. and Sat night and a little dance floor and a group of old timers that really know how to dance. It very quickly became one of our favorites and we soon became a "regular" for both Karaoke and dancing. Now, not to brag, but hubby and I are pretty awesome swing dancers probably because we have persevered together for 43 years but also because we have developed a rather unique style during that time and often get lots of compliments and etc. Here is a little example...there was an older woman who came with friends every week and she often told us how much she loved to watch us evening she came to our table and proclaimed "I went our to have a cigarette and I missed you dancing!!....please will you dance again?" Now, I don't know her name but of course I know her sweet face. That is sort of how it know people but yet you don't really know them.....however, there develops a closeness that is hard to describe. You might think it is superficial but that isn't how my heart felt when we found out early this summer that she suddenly passed away and it was perfectly natural for me to go and express my sympathy to her friend that accompanied her every week, not does it seem odd that her friend extended an invitation to a memorial service that will be held in her honor at the restaurant later this summer.

When I showed up with a cast on my leg and being pushed in a wheelchair by my hubby...many came and expressed their concerns and good wished but there were a couple of situations that were just overwhelming....I hope I can share them with the credence they deserve.

There is this older couple (he is 90 yrs. old) that dance every week and I love to watch them as they have this very proper style...... She is a very tall, slender, farm looking woman that always wears a crisp cotton dress sashed at the waist, short grey hair, worn face with a smile that just seems to sneak up on her and she came and talked with me and then she told me...." I was in a bad car accident and broke both my legs several years ago so you can do it!" I asked her "how long did it take you to get back up on your feet".....she said "Well, the accident was on Christmas day and.......well, just don't give up". She came over again last Friday night to see how I was coming along and she shared a little more......not only did she break both her legs in that head on collision on Christmas day, but she also lost her husband........Her dancing companion was the widowed part of their foursome travel group from the past. Now, maybe that doesn't grip you like it griped me but if you have ever sat and felt sorry for yourself like I have....... it should. I wonder if true encouragement can only come from those who have exercised courage. I hope to learn more about this most remarkable lady.

The second situation will sound somewhat the same in the fact that her hubby is also 90 years old and she is like 75 yrs. She is a little tiny thing that looks like she was a California girl with an over tanned face. Her hubby slipped and fell one night while dancing and my hubby was one of several that went to help him up and see if all was okay. We have been waving friends every since. Friday night as we were leaving she came to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "I will give you my phone number and you can call me if you need help or do you have a support system?" Pretty amazing wouldn't you say.................. Never underestimate the heart of a "regular".


Nancy said...

I'd say that lady is a keeper. She will definitely go out of her way to help you if you need it.

Izlay said...

Oh man, that really did touch my heart. I know what you mean, about the connections you make without really knowing those people. It's the human experience.

I just started my blog, and I'd really like if you could take a look. There isn't much there, but I'm excited to get started.

Have a great day!

Changes in the wind said...

Izlay, thank you for stopping in. I checked out your blog and tried to leave a comment. You have it set up so that you have to be a team member to leave a comment:(

Mevely317 said...

Oh Monica, this has touched my heart~
DH (Tom) has begun attending "Senior Skating" each Wednesday morning and regales me with wonderful stories ...he's tickled to be considered a "regular."

Chatty Crone said...

You don't even have to talk and be friends with someone - but if they see you enough - they have become your friend. sandie

Granny Annie said...

Great experiences.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think your statement that regular are priceless says it in a nut shell. The stories of each regular was heart warming and I oould feel the love all the way to TN. Peace