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Monday, June 9, 2008

From Mexico to Vertigo

For 41 years we have shared joined hands and to celebrate we decided to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We had gone here over eight years ago and it was our first trip to Mexico....we were scared out of our wits and did nothing but stay at the hotel, thus deciding we didn't like it here. Well, we have since become a little more seasoned and decided to give it another try.

Our idea of a great time is to take some tours and try some different restaurants and mingle with the locals, as well as taking naps and eating chips and salsa and drinking margarita's:)

My first tidbit of info will be that when you arrive at the airport keep walking to the exit no matter what anyone says to you!!!!!!!!! The timeshare sharks are horrible there...When you get to the exit you will see the wanted sign......Taxi.

Amazingly I choose the very same hotel to stay in that I had chosen all those years earlier and didn't realize it until I was showing my hubby some pictures of it and he remember it:) We still like the sounds of it so opted to stay there again. I am so glad we did........The Fiesta Americana was wonderful. There was always a wonderful breeze in the lobby and upper bar and in the afternoon heat and humidity of the area it is most welcomed. We were amazed at the comfort of the beds and pillows...if you have traveled in Mexico you will know it is renowned for hard beds and flat pillows:) and three of our meals were eaten here and were some of the best.
Our balcony view. To the right was the ocean and across the way the city and below the pool.

As I said before we like to go on tours and eat at different restaurants and of course I try to do a little research before we go.

One restaurant that caught my attention was Cafe des Artiestes so on our first night this was where we headed. It was downtown so of course the taxi ride was exciting to say the least. We sat in the bar for a while and chatted with the little bartender girl who was amazed we had been married so long (she was all of 21 years old) and she surprised us with this little treat.......

Isn't it amazing how people will go out of their way to make you feel special????? The thing that attracted me to this restaurant was that it was to be like having dinner in the jungle....true enough it was all of that and more, I forgot that the jungle included the hot humid temp as well but even so it was a great time.
Our next day was our first tour.........Los Veranos canopy tours (check out the video on this site).

yep, flying through the jungle on zip lines!
(more to come)


JeanMac said...

Glad you're safely home. that was so thoughtful of her to present the cake - something to remember. I've never been to Mexico.

Sonya said...

What a sweet anniversary! I love the zip line photo :). You guys are amazing.

Ming the Merciless said...

I went to Cabo San Lucas in 2004 and stayed at a resort for a week. After three days, I decided to explore the "non-resort" areas across the interstate highway. I took a local bus away from the beaches and was horrified to see the quality of life of people who don't live near the resorts. Apparently, the riches have not trickled down the chains to the local population.