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Thursday, June 12, 2008

From Mexico to Vertigo cont.

Sunday's schedule was the 7 hour Sierra Madre Expedition tour. First a taxi to the Marina and check in...then we climbed into the Mercedes Benz/

See those hand holds hanging down from the top? We put them to good use......over hills, over water, over tree roots and etc. Talk about power....these trucks were amazing...our job was just to hang on.

Now you need to know that for some odd reason my hubby was the only man on the tour and all but two of the women were 40 yrs. and lady was in her 70's if she was a day. So here you have my hubby, a Mexican driver that didn't seem to speak a lot of English and our very young tour guide

and we are heading into the jungle.

A large part of the tour was him explaining how the Mexican people lived and I was amazed how resourceful they are!

One example was a tree that had a vine like thing on it that was like could cut a small piece of it off and chew it and it would relieve pain, like a headache. He told us scientist found that it had the same ingredients as Ibuprofen.
Our guide (Fabio) was the best......he was very knowledgeable and funny and took good care us. The end of the tour was lunch on a private beach and I am not talking cold was a feast with a view........................................................................

Monday was the plane ride home and out to dinner with our kids............................Tues. morning I awoke with my head spinning and wanting to throw up.............all I could think of is that I had contracted some strange monkey disease!! After several days of it I went to the Doctor and found out I had vertigo. Now some people think this is a joke but if you ever really have won't be laughing. It has been a week and a half and I still fell off balance at times. It really didn't have anything to do with being in Mexico but thought it was kind of cleaver.....Mexico to Vertigo:)


bigbikerbob said...

Hi,Sorry to here about the Vertigo but it sounds like you had a great time anyway.

JeanMac said...

Have enjoyed reading about your holiday - vertigo is not fun.

Chatty Crone said...

This may sound funny, but try chewing gum. Helps open the ears. Chatty

Lady Di Tn said...

Now I understand the title. Do you remember the movie "Vertigo?" I think yours is from the canopy tour and monkeying around in that mercedes.
I suffer from inner ear problems and found out that Altoids mints help. Also you can breath on people and they do not fall over backwards. LOL The last photo is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your Anniversary with us. Peace

Ming the Merciless said...

Sorry to hear about the vertigo. I have a friend in college who has it.

Rest up this weekend....from your tough, exhausting trip to Mexico. :-)