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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From Mexico to Vertigo cont.

Sat. was a lay back on the balcony, a walk on the beach, a nice quiet breakfast next to the beach and some book reading and napping.
Our plans for the evening were to go to the El Faro lighthouse

for a drink and the view. It really is awesome, I had never been up in a lighthouse before and was totally thrilled when I saw there was an elevator!!!!!! Talk about some stairs:) We opted to have dinner there in the Marina and I order rock lobster.......................It was delicious!!!! I understand that in some parts of the country this is a crawfish? That doesn't sound too good....think it will just be a rock lobster to me.
Then back to the hotel for the evening breeze and a metropolitan (their idea of a chocolate martini)..................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(more to come)


Lady Di Tn said...

Now that was my kind of day and the lighthouse is very nice. I never could wrap my mouth around crawfish no matter if you give them a fancy name "rock lobster" Waiting to see what happens next. Peace

JeanMac said...

Elevator in a light house? Now that's comfort:)

Wystful1 said...


I've had an expressed concern for the Bloggers over 50 blogroll. With members who do not have either a text link or the blog roll itself on their sidebar.

You have the image graphic but no link.

May I ask that you add a visible link to the blog roll or add the blog roll itself onto your sidebar?

Thanks...some bloggers use the links to perused others daily of the same age group. It's only fair.

I will return next week to see if your side bar has been updated. If not, I will remove your blog link from the members' list. Sorry, but I feel compelled to do this task.

Instructions, if you need help are found on the blog roll's home page.

Changes in the wind said...

wysful1, didn't realize I needed a link....will do.

Ming the Merciless said...

Thanks for bring us the report of your trip. I am really enjoying reading it.

I don't believe I have ever had rock lobsters before. But I did eat a lot of crawfish when I lived in Louisiana. Yummy!!