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Monday, October 8, 2007

Roadside controversy

I was pleasantly surprised to see the debate concerning roadside memorials in the Glendale, Arizona newspaper recently.
The poll shows that 24% are for them and 75% are against them. I am part of the majority of this poll but never said anything because of not wanting to offend anyone.
It occurs to me that those who put them up on public property that all of us pay for through our taxes have not thought about offending anyone.
Someone made a comment about having to rent such spaces from the city since this property is public land...maybe this would solve the debate. If it were important enough for someone to pay the city and in turn other citizens to mark the place of their loved ones death then it might be tolerated and I guarantee you there would be fewer of them.

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Lady Di Tn said...

I am in the 75 per cent. In Tn it came up to make them illegal but alas never passed. Whenever, I see one my first thought is "Don't they have a grave?" Then I get angry that they are allowed to litter our roadside. My second thought "They are a road side hazard and if anyone I love get injured from them I will SUE THE PANTS OFF THE STATE." How can you SAFELY continue to decorate them without causeing a road hazard. Some of Tn are in the middle of the interstates. I thought you were to stop only for EMERGENCIES.