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Monday, October 1, 2007

Beginning to blog

Hello World,

I have been told that blogging is the way to go to meet and greet the world. I am sure I am going to stumble around for awhile so I hope you all will be patient with me.

A motto I love:
Healthy things grow and growing things change.

I don't know if you are like me, but I have to constantly fight my tendency to choose to do the same thing over and over again just because it is comfortable. After all, no one likes to look like a fool or be dissapointed! However, I have found that when I have stepped out of my comfort zone I often am not only greeted kindly but find a wonderful new zest for life so won't you join me to try new things....Beginning today.
This picture was taken on a trip to xtapa, Mexico one of my many adverntures out of the box.


barney1942 said...

Monica- I am curious, what is a retired gun competitor? Should we be concerned? I grew-up w/a fellow that was national amateur .22 caliber champion. Later in life we sailed together, he could see a ship's name on the bow from 2 miles, without a scope, a real eagle-eye.

As you can see i am new to the blog thing as well. I hope it is a great way to meet people and learn many new things. One of my concerns is the rising cost of health care.

Good luck,

Changes in the Wind said...

Thanks for the comment. Actually I am a member of the World's fast draw Association and competed for over 30 years. For more info on it go to

ChrisB said...

Hi Welcome to blogging, I started my blog a year ago when I retired. How did you stumble on me I'm curios?!

Changes in the Wind said...

I just was blog surfing, I guess you could say. Was interested in older women trying to age gracefully:) Some seem so lengthy in words that the sites with pictures seems to stand out so yours caught my eye.
I assume you are happy you started blogging since you are still at it? What is the best and the worst thing about it?

Lady Di Tn said...

Welcome to blogging. My cousin got me involved and I love it. She is taking a vacation from blogging at the moment and these are my daily reads if you care to check them out.
that one is my cousin
I have added you to my daily reads.
Hope you enjoy the fun of meeting other blogger.

Changes in the Wind said...

Thanks for the friendly welcome! I have checked out your sites and look forward to reading them.

shaunterp said...

Hi Mom! Donna & I viewing your precious blogs today.

For those reading, mom has that special presence that causes all to leave differently than before you met :).

Another phrase our family shares -"What you think, you eventually feel; What you feel you eventually do"

So dwell on these things 'whatever is lovely, true, honorable, pure, right, of good repute, and worthy of praise'. Philippians 4:8

Happy blogging :)