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Friday, October 12, 2007

My babies

Cute aren't they? They are brother and sister from different litters and trust me they are spoiled rotten. It was very hard to get them to sit still and only with the temptation of a treat did I accomplish it. Maybe that is why they both have their tongues showing...giggles.....


Lady Di Tn said...

How sweet. Need to give us the names. I have a black female lab who just turned one last month. I would love to have two dogs as they keep each other company. I always had two Chow Chow when I raised them. Now they are the best of both worlds as they are a cat in a dogs body.
The chows have short stocky legs and big bodies so they do not jump up on people. Now if I could only get Maggie to stop doing that.

Changes in the Wind said...

Ahhhhh the names are:

The female...Lil Bit
Why...when we got her at about 6 months old she was already named Twister but I didn't like it..we talked about her and I would say things like "Well, she's a little bit brown and a little bit white" "She's a little bit too big to use for a breeder" "Her tongue is a little bit too big for her mouth".....So the name..Lil Bit

The males given name is Maximilian but we can him Max for short.

jenn said...

They are sooooo cute!