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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new

Had a nice Christmas Eve with family and daughter brought this darling cake to share...
Sadly it looked better than it was sooooooo sweet!!!
We drove up North Christmas day and had a little white Christmas at Little America. They were super busy with a special brunch and of course packed for dinner but they had pretty decorations like this cute Santa...
and all the pine trees outside were lit up.
Went on to Payson and spent a night there and then home. I put up our Christmas decorations rather late so didn't take them down until today.....will miss this sweet little spot....
It has been unusually cold here and wouldn't you know that we hadn't filled the propane tanks so we couldn't have a fire but got that done today. Heard on the news it is suppose to be up in the 70's this coming week so guess we won't be using it soon.
As you know I had to buy a new computer recently and you know how it is to get use to things and if that wasn't enough we switched from Dish TV to Direct TV due to the problem with Fox News so now we have to learn all the channels and etc. When I told the lady I was discontinuing my service she said "but you have been with us for 12 years!" Must say that I am glad we did, we get twice the reception and almost all the channels are hd and less money for the first year:)
Wrote my first check today with 2015, they just roll by don't they?
On a side note; Horse & Guns magazine published a nice two page article on my hubby in the  Feb/March 2015 issue .
Happy New Year!!



Michelle said...

I know you must be very proud to see your husband in that magazine!

Bev said...

Happy New Year!! and yes it has been cool down here! I don't think we have ever been here when its been this cold...but it's close to -40 back we won't complain:)

Granny Annie said...

First of all how could anyone cut that elaborate cake. Looks like it took a lot of work to build. So proud of your hubby's article and know you are! There is so much to know about the both of you.

Nancy said...

I hope you have your husband autograph a copy of the article and save it for the Grands and Great-Grands.

Lady Di Tn said...

My decorations went up late but came down early. I try never to have any up by the first of the year. It was 18.6 degrees this morning on the hill and will be colder the rest of the week. So enjoy your 70 degree weather. I must try to get my hands on that magazine. Peace

Linda said...

Congratulations to your hubby!!!
That is so special! He's famous!!!

We still have all our decorations up and they probably won't be coming down until next week. I leave a lot of lights (white ones) up year round so today I organized an outside closet to hold just lights and paints - spray paints and house paints.
There's always something to do!!!
Stay warm - it's cold in Texas too~