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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mercy Ships

Can you imagine the excitement of seeing his ship in port!

Started 38 years ago from a man with a vision of bringing hope to the world
This woman was able to see her child for the first time thanks to the free surgery on the Mercy Ship.

Back in her parents’ village in the shade of the large mango tree, Pulcherie holds her daughter in her arms. She takes in every detail – from eyelashes to tiny toes.


Michelle said...

I cannot imagine what it must be like for people to see this kind of hope come into a harbor.

Lady Di Tn said...

True ship of compassion. Peace

Nancy said...

What a blessing these ships are as well as the Doctors without Borders program. My dentist makes a trip every year to a developing country. I am proud to have him for my dentist.

Granny Annie said...

And it is unbelievable what can be offered on these medical ships. If the help isn't there it can be brought there via cyber space to even include assisted surgeries.