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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Intelligent questions cont.

1. Do you like your popcorn buttered or plain?

2. Can you pick up marbles with your toes?

3. How many remotes do you have in your home?

4. Pepsi or Coke?

5. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

6. How many other countries have you visited?

Big Mac, Whopper, Carl's Jr. or Jack in the Box or other?

Have you ever broken a bone?

My Answers:
                         1. Plain popcorn for me!
                         3. One remote
                         4. Coke
                         5. Yes but without the siren
                         6. Five....Panama, Portugal, Australia, Mexico and Canada
                         7. Whopper or Whataburger
                         8. ankle
Your turn............


Mevely317 said...

What a fun post!

1. Butter ....w/ garlic salt.
2. Yes
3. Ugh ... too many
4. Neither; not fond of carbonated beverages.
5. No
6. Italy, Mexico, France, Germany, Austria, Monaco, Canada and Belize (ugh!).
7. Other (Wendy's)
8. Yes ... both arms

TexWisGirl said...

plain, please - with a diet coke. :)

US, Mexico, Jamaica.

Whataburger!!! or 5 Guys Burgers N Fries!

i'm guessing i could do the marbles...

just a few cracked bones in my foot when my horse stepped on me. :)

Nancy said...

!. Plain
2. I'm not sure, but I think I could
3. One
4. Diet Pepsi
5. Yes, but not as a patient
6. Eight, I think
7. I prefer a Wendy's plain hamburger
8. Yes, both bones in my lower left leg

Granny Annie said...

Well this is cool. Let's see...
1. Plain (but I do sprinkle Milkduds over the popcorn.)
2. Sometimes. But my daughter can pick up anything with her toes and she can pinch you with them too
3. Too many.
4. Neither. I don't drink pop.
5. Nov. 6, 2003. Love those EMSA people who saved my life.
6. One -- Canada. I did stick my toe over the border into Mexico in 2000.
7. Big Mac!!! Craved them during both pregnancies.
8. Never a broken bone. (knock on wood.)

Lady Di Tn said...

1 A little butter please.
2 Yes, I got really good when I had the back surgery and still retain the ability----just in case
3 Toooooo many
4 Coke and as long as Pepsi sponsors Jeff Gordon I will never drink it. Too sweet.
5 No
6 Just one
7 Corner Pub's have the best around here.
8 No
Sorry I got a little wordy Peace

Chatty Crone said...

1. buttered
2. yes
3. too many too count
4. Coke - but I don't drink too many of them
5. yes
6. Canada, and a few countries in Europe
7. Big Mac
8. no


Michelle said...

1. Butter on the corn.
2. Yes
3. Four ~ too many
4. Coke
5. Nope
6. Four
7. Whopper! No cheese...
8. a kid and hope not to as an adult:)

Flora said...

1. Butter YES
2. I think I can
3. 2 remotes
4. Coke
5. No
6. Japan
7. Portabella Mushroom Bugers with Feta
8. My wrist and my leg

Wool Winder said...

1. Before: Butter (lots of it). After finding out my cholesterol was out of whack: Plain.
2. I've never tried, but I bet I could.
3. One universal remote.
4. Coke--It's the Real Thing.
5. No, but I have ridden in a police car...not what you're thinking. :)
6. Two, if you count going across the border for a few hours into Mexico and Canada.
7. For fast food burgers: WHATABURGER (a rare splurge now, see #1).
8. No confirmed broken bones. I stubbed my toe so hard once, that I really wondered if it was broken, but I didn't go to the doctor,

Far Side of Fifty said...

What fun!
1. Butter
2. No..with practice maybe.
3. Far too many 7.
4. Coke ..but only one or two a week.
5. Yes
6.Canada and Mexico
7. None..I could go for a Captains D's Fish and Chips!
8. Yes, four bones in my ankle and was brutal. I was walking down hill:(