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Friday, October 7, 2011

Second choice Winner (Missouri cont.)

Our plan was to tour some back roads and go to where my hubby lived until he was 10 years old. His Mother was born in a little town called Halls, Mo. and the family lived there and DeKalb as well as St. Joe but we first just needed to get out of Kansas City and not too far since the show didn't close down until around noon time. I originally picked a neat looking hotel in a place called Blackwater, Mo. but while making the reservation discovered the adjourning restaurant was not open on Sunday nights sooooooooooooo. Had to start looking again and I stumbled upon this historic hotel in Boonville, Mo.

Built in 1905 at the cost of $40,000 and added on to in 1932 it still looks much the same

 Welcoming before you even climb the stairs

The public areas of the hotel have been furnished and decorated with antiques from throughout the 19th century with an emphasis on regional pieces and throughout there are old reproduced photo's and historic maps.
 Lobby and gift shop to the right

They were selling these little bags of very aromatic soap that filled the air everywhere (had to buy some and bring it home) and if I could post that I surely would.

We were assigned to room one, climbed the stairs and opened the door and WOW! What a surprise. First off it was huge, more like two rooms and in the middle they added

this bathroom
Everywhere I looked I wanted to take a picture so bear with me on this one but I found it all so unique. First off that is a claw tub and the towel rack....
 is water pipes that also go around the top of the room

So many antiques that you could actually use....

and to top it all off...........

 Silky red sheets!

The adjoining "Glenn's cafe" where we had dinner was just as delightful and they served family style with such things as fried okra and home made everything.

Since we were their only quests for the evening they set up coffee early for us and look what we found when we wondered with our coffee cups!!!
 This sitting room with the window open and all these gorgeous plants.....yes, that is real! If you do a close up of the furniture you will see that it is antique that has been re-covered in glove soft leather. I could have just stayed here forever.

Our breakfast (included) was wonderful as we sat at a six foot long cloth covered table with matching chairs. I call this a jackpot! Don't know if we will ever be back in this area but if we are...I am coming back.

To be cont.


Nancy said...

What a fantastic place to stay and to explore. I'm sure the towel rack pipes heat the towels in the winter - pure luxury.

Lady Di Tn said...

WOW!!! What a find. I must put this in my memory bank as I would love to go there. You are one lucky girl. Peace

Flora said...

What a darling spot!!! I would love to stay at a place like that!!!

Carol............. said...

Looks like every spot and revery room has a warm welcoming feel to it. Bet the antiques were amazing.

Thanks for the trip to the hotel!

Chatty Crone said...

It's amazing that in the old picture - I'm surprised that the they have kept it so lovely now. So pretty!