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Monday, October 31, 2011

Do you know?

Recently on Fools Rush In, Granny Annie posed the question of whether you should  leave a tip for a take out order. The responses were very interesting and I left one as well explaining that we are friends with a few of the bar tenders at Red
Lobster and that was why I saw things in a little different light.


 Last night was our night to go to Red Lobster so I told one of our friends about the blog and the question posed ........ he quickly answered..."Yes, I pay taxes on it!"......... I said "What?"

Well here is the deal. At this particular restaurant it is set up so that each server is recorded on the amount of money the consumer purchased and then they are taxed 15% on that amount and that includes to go orders. So when the bar tender takes the order and checks them out he is recorded with that amount of purchase and charged 15% tax to the government whether he receives a tip or not. Hubby and I usually share a meal not because we are trying to save money but rather to not over eat but we always leave a generous tip.  Because we eat out so often I see servers in a different light because I have gotten to know them. It is a tough job and you wouldn't believe the things they have to put up with....good customers are appreciated and remembered.

Here is a little tidbit....Red Lobster and Olive garden are owned by the same people (have friends here too).....hmmmmm

Cheddar cheese biscuits and

bread sticks.

Recently we went to a new restaurant and the little server spoke very broken English.....I think she was Chinese, well anyhow, she took very good care of us so hubby gave her a hearty tip but he watched as she put all of it in a jar. She came back and made a great effort to speak with us (I think to show her appreciation) but hubby said if we go back...he will palm her a tip like you have to do in Mexico. Trust me on this folks...the servers are the good guys, be nice.


Dawn said...

Well I didn't know about the taxes-thing! That's not very nice....someone always seems to get ripped off!
Serving is difficult.
I always joke to my kiddos that they don't ever leave me a tip after a meal;)

Red Lobster and Olive Garden are my 2 most favorite places to eat when I go to the city!
I'm hungry now and it's only 9:30

Granny Annie said...

Wow you have opened my eyes on this one. Who would have ever thought that the servers were taxed whether the tips were received or not.

I guess that makes me glad to leave a tip whether the service is good or not. However when we have bad service or when the waitress keeps patting my husband, I leave a much smaller tip than normal.

Now that is a whole different subject. I have never understood the women that seem to have to touch my husband. He is friendly and funny but he doesn't hit on them or anything, but even when we go to garage sales, women will just have to pat on him. What's that about????

Carol............. said...

I remember eons of years ago when I was waiting tables and every tip we received was ours without it being shared or taxed (although we usually gave some of the tip money to the kids that bused tables for us).

Later we were to estimate our tips and pay it's a mandatory government rip off? gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

Chatty Crone said...

I had no idea whatsoever - this is good to know. I don't know if I think it is fair or not though to be honest - have to think about it.

Farmchick said...

You are right! They are the good guys!

Far Side of Fifty said...

It is a mixed up world ..when the government taxes people for something they may or may not get..unfair. Eons ago I worked at a job that included tips..I never ever made as much as I was taxed..but no one ever cared:(

Flora said...

Very interesting!... I wonder if that is the case in Canada too?

Changes in the wind said...

I need to clarify that this is what this restaurant does...I don't know if they all do it this way but you can be sure the servers aren't on the best end of things.

Lady Di Tn said...

Just another way companies are taking from those who work for them. I think it is WRONG especially when a tip was not left. I think the companies are just making it easy on themselves and not their Employees. Also, I hate it when tips are pooled and everyone gets a share. That is putting the hard nice workers in with the slacker who have an attitude. NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO in either case. Peace

JeanMac said...

Wonderful that you tip well - I've seen people leave little or nothing - if you go out to eat, plan to tip!