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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Missouri trip

We headed to Kansas City, Mo. for the annual Colt show. If  you have followed my blog you know we go each year and they hold it at a different location each time. The Westin Crown Center was our host...The room was great and this was our balcony view..I got some socks started on the needles and if I ever finish them I will give you a peek.
I had forgotten it would be fall there and was pleasantly surprised with all the changing colors and that over to the the Liberty Memorial tower

My Hubby's partner went out for a smoke and picked me some sunflowers:) Which were still beautiful when we left
Every year the women organize a Woman's tour and I always try to go, if not to see the sights to get acquainted with the ladies and see old friends from the years before. This year we went to the Nelson Atkins Museum and of course there was fantastic art there but how about this little ride.....
and here is the view up top while riding....

 Many originals like this one

and lots of abstract art which I am not a fan of however, this one ended up on my camera after a explanation
We were asked what we for me I thought I saw a rocket. How about you?
 Do you see a hand with fingers?
Will explain at the end of the post.

Many beautiful statues but the thing they were the most excited about was the building itself. Everything was in angels and specialty glass came from Germany and Belgium. Here is what I saw.....a lot of wasted space, and a architect's dream but a craftsman's nightmare. You can learn more about it here if you are interested. We had a lovely box lunch in the Rozzelle Court.

Our next stop was at the Hallmark Center which was connected to our hotel and it was great fun.
 Free postcard
It showed all the old cards and toys and how they make them and the history of the family that still owns and operates it. They were celebrating a special anniversary and at the entrance there was this display. It was so large they gave a free postcard of it to capture it.

 These covered walkways  connected our hotel to a mall as well as other hotels and business's.

A real treat was dinner at the Benton Prime Steakhouse on top of the hotel with great food and a beautiful view...

Here is the explanation of the is a fractured picture of a hand holding a paintbrush..the woman who painted it was supposedly going through a painful divorce at the time.

We spent another three days in the adjoining area and I can't wait to show those pictures:)
To be cont.


Nancy said...

The Monet painting is beautiful. I didn't realize he had painted snow scenes.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you had a fun trip and now sharing it with us. Peace

Flora said...

Wow how interesting...thanks for the post!

Chatty Crone said...

You get to go to the most fun places - love Monet. sandie

Farmchick said...

Interesting post!

Dawn said...

I would love to go to the Hallmark Center...I love that kind of stuff:D