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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring fever

Like most people I get a bad case of spring fever but am I ever happy with the results this year!!!
You see when we built our house there was this one little room that was a entry at the back of the kitchen that was originally to be a wash room but I had decided it would make a perfect sun room. By the time the house was finished we had a surprise Grandson and the third bedroom that was to be the office became his bedroom and the sun room became a shared office.
Thanks to a picture in a very old Better Homes and Garden  "favorite houseplants" book I was inspired to create a little of both.....Looking through the pass through of the kitchen. into the office
Double click on pictures for up close and personal.
The idea of this is to have more of water based plants of clippings.
This is lemon balm, smells so good.

Yes, that is a yam and am hoping for a beautiful vine.

Notice the blue container. A very special friend made two of theses for hubby and I....I will show a close up of what is in the other one.

These were some old bottles from my Mom

another African violet in a cup

Since I sit right next to these glas shelves I keep them all company or maybe they keep me company:)


Dawn said...

What a nice escape! I think I would just live in must smell so lovely too:)

texwisgirl said...

They're all beautiful. Make the place so cheery and full of peace. :)

Chatty Crone said...

It is a beautiful room - it would be a nice room to relax and listen to music - have a glass of wine - or read in - bet it smells great too.

Nancy said...

Plants always make a home seem more inviting and cozy. I'd like to sit and knit in your "green" room.

Farmchick said...

What a beautiful place to hang out in :)

Granny Annie said...

My immediate thought is how do you keep it looking so clean? The bottles look lovely and the water is all sparkling. Mine would be dusty bottles and murky water. I can clean house and dust and five minutes later the dust is all back.

Lady Di Tn said...

A very nice sun room with plants to keep you company. I really like those old bottles. Peace