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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A day of beauty

I am posting some pictures of the breathtaking beauty I experienced yesterday.....................(click on any picture to enlarge)

Now can you believe I was in the heart of Phoenix, Az. and smack dab on top of the 10 lane, 2,887 foot long Papago tunnel on I10 westbound when I took these????
This is the  Japanese Friendship Garden and we not only found this peaceful sanctuary but also... 

Koi fish and

ducks that relished the bag of food we bought.

Statues and

rain bells

Even the bathroom sink was a thing of beauty!

We drove a short distance to an old house that now is home to the Arizona Historical Society and even though  it was closed there was beauty to behold, from the lava rock it was built with
to the beautiful old windows

Would have loved to toured the inside...
maybe next time.

We then headed to the Phoenix Art Museum for lunch at Arcadia Farms there are two locations for this restaurant and they are famous for their farm grown venue. After a great lunch we wandered around and took in a few of the thousands of art features. There were some that just gripped me and fortunately for me they were ones that you could photograph..

This was done with gold and paint on a thin tin dish.

This was a HUGE portrait that was so could even see the woman standing  in white, fingernails!

Both hubby and I were fascinated with this matter where you stood...left or right, he was looking at you!

This enormous light structure was in the lobby.

Oh what a day of beauty and gifts of talent..... How easily we forget the wonderful things right under our noses.


Nancy said...

This is an awesome place. Thanks for the photos.

texwisgirl said...

I am such a fan of Japanese gardens and landscaping. We have a few oriental pieces in our home and a pagoda in our yard and have dreamed of koi ponds and bonzai. But alas, our dogs and the herons and egrets around here would not allow a koi pond... :)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful sites. Prayers for all of Japan now...

Chatty Crone said...

I never would have guessed Arizona! It's beautiful! Thanks for the tour- I love the gardens.

Dawn said...

Oh we DO so easily miss that which is right in front of us!
What a beautiful sunshiney day you had...thank you for sharing it with us!!

Farmchick said...

Such beautiful gardens. I love the koi fish.