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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I made it!

Hubby and I were all booked into the Colt Collectors Show being held at Tulsa, Okla. this year, but as the time drew near I became apprehensive, as I still could not walk very far even with my cane. Hubby said..."well, we are going and you just do what you can do". The first thing I had to do is release myself  from our customary traveling responsibilities. When we travel to a gun show we have our two personal suitcases plus the gun case which weighed in at 90 lbs. this year so I normally pull both our personal and he hauls the heavy one. I also help him get it up in the car and etc. He became very resourceful and made it fine without my help and didn't hurt himself in the process....whew!
I took a few pictures with the new camera for you to see....
This was inside the hotel without a flash. There were turtles as well but it was too dark for that...This was one heck of a big koi, probably 10 pounds.

I was signed up to go on the Woman's tour to Amish country which included shopping and lunch at a beautiful home up on a hilltop.

It is sure a good thing I don't eat there everyday...I would not be able to get through the door! The food was all homemade and wonderful. Next we went to the Will Rogers Museum. I didn't think I would like it but it was absolutely beautiful and very interesting so if you are in the area don't miss it. I sat when needed and just did as I could and all the ladies were of great help so it worked out fine.
This bronze was so dark when I took it I didn't think it would come out at all but it is great!

 Just a little glimpse of the grounds.

Having to be in a wheelchair is the pits except..... at the airport! We flew Southwest  and I was treated like a queen. I have learned so much about being disabled since breaking my ankle.
1. It's easier to give help than it is to receive help.
2. Even strangers will reach out to give you a hand.
3. Even with all the laws, not everything is accessible when you are handicapped like you might think.
4. Taking someones arm is not always helpful.
5. You get sick of looking at things from waist high.
One of my greatest concerns while in the chair was that someone would fall into my lap...really, people just turn around and start off and don't even see you. Now on the positive side...without the wheelchair travel would be impossible. You just don't give it much thought if you aren't in the situation. I was thrilled to read of about a special amusement park for disabled children while waiting for therapy today...check it out


Mevely317 said...

I looooove Amish food!
Glad to know you were able to go, and more importantly, ENJOY!

Chatty Crone said...

Glad everything worked out for you - do you bring guns on the airplane? Sandie

Granny Annie said...

Which of our fine hotels did you stay in? I wish I could have caught up with you this year but didn't know you were coming. Yes I grew up visiting the Will Rogers Museum and I knew his cousin that taught him how to do rope tricks.

Nancy said...

I am glad that you were able to make the trip and to do some touring while you were there.

Your list of observations is wonderful; I especially like "It's easier to give help than it is to receive help." How very true.

May your ankle continue to get stronger every day.

Changes in the wind said...

Grannie Annie, I apoligize for not letting you know,....We stayed at the Renaissance where the show was held....nice, very nice. If his cousin is the one that taught him rope tricks, he was an amazing roper because I saw things I have never seen before.

Sandie, yes we bring the guns on the plane the same as a suitcase but with special requirements and regulations. It is a bit of a hassle because each airline has different requirements. We are forunate to have a special suitcase that is vacumn packed and double paddle locked plus we carry a personal travel ins. that covers up to $100,000.00 if they were to disappear. The airlines does not cover them if they are lost or stolen. We pay extra to take them because they are over the weight limit, so this time is was $50.00 each way.
Thanks to all for your comments:)

Farmchick said...

I am glad that you did go. It sounds like you still had a great time, despite not being up to full speed yet. Do tell more about your hotel. It looks wonderful.

Jennifer said...

we just starting using a wheelchair for my cousin ... she was not happy about it - now - it sets her free to do so much more and she loves to go! so glad you are on the go too! Jennifer