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Sunday, November 2, 2008

This and that

In case you didn't know you can have your bumper sticker customized like the exampe above and here is one that was seen in Texas............................................................

"I'll keep my freedom, my guns, and my money, and you can keep 'THE CHANGE'

and how about this little story I found on oldhorsesnake
Sarah Palin is invited to meet with the Pope while he is vacationing south of Rome in Venice, and the Pope asks her to join him on a Gondolar ride through the canals.
They are admiring the sights and agreeing on moral issues when a gust of wind blows the Pope's zucchetto hat off his head and into the water.
The gondolier starts to reach for the Pontiff's cap with his pole, but this move threatens to overturn the floating craft.Sarah waves off the tour guide saying, "Wait, wait, I'll take care of this. Not to worry."
She steps off the gondola onto the surface of the water and walks over to the Pope's cap, bends over and picks it up. She walks back across the water to the gondola, steps aboard and -- amid stunned by the silence -- hands it back to the Pope.............

The next morning, the topic of Democrats everywhere is, "Palin can't swim."

and what is this?????? A secret gang sign?

No, just I love you in sign language


Granny Annie said...

This entire post is GREAT! Love the joke. Did you notice the look on Palin's daughter's face? I got that look so many times from my kids when I thought I was being "cool" and they would roll their eyes and say, "Oh my gawd Mom!" Oh, and yes, I gave my parent's that same look often.

JeanMac said...

Great post, ditto what annie said.I guess no matter what, she'd be criticized:)
Can't wait for your election "down there" - who will win?

Chatty Crone said...

I'm right there believing, hoping, and praying with you! I'll be glad in a way when tomorrow is over.

Shammickite said...

I picked up some "Go Sarah Go" stickers, but only cos my DIL's name is Sarah! And I'm not entitled to vote anyway!

Sherry Martschink said...

Nice post. Super picture of Palin.