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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's just talk

So many times I post about things of interest and etc. but today I want to talk about my feelings...........mainly inspiration.

One action that ripples to far reaching banks
I get so discouraged with the daily bombardment of bad news that I search for the little good news tidbits that might be available. I am not talking about the faith preaching/miracle type of things, but rather the everyday kindness type of things.
The blog 25 Things for Charity is the type of thing that stirs up my heart. People, who without fanfare, simply do something to make a difference. I have been involved in things like this and it is easy to get discouraged and begin to think it really doesn't make a don't hear about the mother who's premature baby that died was tenderly wrapped in the blanket you made or the old woman in the rest home that now has her feet covered with slippers because you busied your hands while watching TV. You begin to feel it is each for yourself and don't realize that maybe the kindness you showed someone made the difference between them making the decision to live or die.
I don't believe it is because we don't care....but rather, it's because we forget to.
Men.....there are so many single/widowed women out there who don't know when to change the oil in the car, how their insurance works and etc. Children who's only example of adults was those that hurt them, belittled them and left them to fend for themselves, screen doors that are falling off the hinges that you could fix in a blink of an eye.
I would love to find a blog that would be like "25 things for charity" with a multitude of contributors that each share some act of kindness they have done. It could be anything from letting the person behind you in the check out isle go ahead because they only had one item compared to your 45, to going to your local shelter to adopt a pet, to volunteering at a local school to help a child learn to read, to taking over a hot bowl of soup to a friend that is under the weather, to faithfully putting our bird seed in the middle of winter, to not blowing your horn at the person that cut in front of you..............................................
It seems to me it would encourage us all to do better, be better, stop and take notice and pass it on.


Mevely317 said...

What a wonderful idea, Monica ... You've certainly given me something to think about .. and possibly include in our company's upcoming newsletter -- with your permission? .. and of course, credit back to your site!

Changes in the wind said...

Mevely..feel free to share:)

Anonymous said...

It is a great idea. But I have a hard time telling something I did to help someone. It seems to take away from the deed.
I love to read when people tell of something someone done for them.
Good idea though.
Have a great day.

JeanMac said...

You have inspired me today - I'm off for 4 hours of free time so will see what I can "come up with" - if anyone thanks me, I'll say, "thank Monica, it was her idea".

bigbikerbob said...

Hi, Thats a great idea,lets hope it fets taken up, I wait with baited breath. As a by the by there have been no posts for 7 or 8 months now on Nostalgia.

Changes in the wind said...

bickerbob...I posted that I would no longer be maintaining that site but thanks for sticking by:)

Dorothy said...

Wonderful thoughts...if only.

Dorothy from grammology

sheoflittlebrain said...

Changes, I love this idea! As our small town has grown and become crowded with busy people the heart has gone out of it. I no longer feel the same way about Prescott..
I wouldn't tell this, but since the idea is to tell..when I was at the Dr.s office the other day a woman came in, sent to my specialist by some other Dr.
She was obviously stressed and needed to see him soon because she was from out of town and was also responsible for another person who was having a CT scan somewhere else.
The office girls were indifferent to her plight and said she'd have to wait an hour. The waiting room was jam packed and I watched her find a chair, obviously fighting off tears. Her shoulders were slumped..her feet were swollen.. She was stressed to the point of breaking.
I went up to the window and offered to give her my appointment and come back in an hour to take the slot they'd allotted for her. They argued, I persisted..finally they agreed to..just.. slot her right in.
I've felt good about that ever since:)

Changes in the wind said...

sheoflittlebrain...that is so wonderful, thank you for sharing it. I am serously considering starting another blog just for these encouragements and reminders to step up to the plate!

Nancy said...

"I don't believe it is because we don't care. . .but rather, it's because we forget to."

How poignant your words are.

I agree that people get so caught up in their own lives that they forget others need a boost now and then. I know that was true for me until I got ill. Once I retired, I was able to do more for others because my focus had changed.

mainely stitching said...

Very nice, Monica. I wish you a lot of happiness with this venture. I've sent you an email - just let me know if anything is unclear. :)