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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Out here in the west, casino's are pretty commonplace due to the large amount of Indian territory that can be used to build one on. There are many pros's and con's about them and when you go to one you will be surprised at how many Indian's you see working and gambling.
Even if you are not a gambler it is interesting to go and see how elaborate some of them are built, like the Cliff Castle in Camp Verde (about an hour from our home). It sits high on a hill with a beautiful view of the valley and like many has several restaurants. One of those in this facility is named the "Storyteller" and it is a sight to behold............
The picture does not do it justice but the whole restaurant is made to look just like being down in the Grand Canyon.......all the red rock is highlighted with up lights and each booth is set back in the rocks. Well, it is one of those things you have to see to appreciate:) We had been here one time before and had a dinner that was excellent but am afraid that our trip up Fri. only provided the beautiful view.


Granny Annie said...

We too live in IT (Indian Territory). We are in the midst of a bouquet of Casinos. I don't think any of ours are as elaborate as yours but they provide a quality of entertainment and excellent dining that we would not have in this area if not for the casinos. We are not gamblers but we sure love good food.

Lady Di Tn said...

Never been to one as I am not a gambler. Took to long to earn it to take a chance to lose it BUT I would enjoy the view you described and the restuarents. We have one on the east side of town which makes you feel like you are under water dining with the fishes.
I think acts of kindness are done daily by many who do not blow their horn. Life would be much better if we avoided the news and did more simple kind acts. Peace be with you.

Mevely317 said...

Hmm ... you've just given me a great idea for New Years Eve! We haven't "done" anything out on 12/31 for ages. Have you ever stayed at their lodge?

Changes in the wind said...

Mevely317...stayed this past weekend...not too fancy but nice...better make reservations now though:) you can go to the web site and see what entertainment will be on New Year's eve and make reservations and etc.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

We live in Pueblo Indian territory and there are many casinos here, too.
Funny how, about 10 years ago, many of them were just run-down looking dives and just casinos.

Now they come with fancy restaurants, lush gardens, decor, gorgeous, luxury hotels and spas, pools, the works!

I wish I could enlarge that Storyteller restaurant photo. It looks amazing!

New Mexico

Anonymous said...

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sheoflittlebrain said...

I'm not a gambler, but the Prescott Resort is the place to dine, and the place to take guests who do like to gamble.
Lisa mentioned the fancying up of the Indian Casinos..wonder if that Nevada gaming is making it's way in. I've heard that's happening..
I've driven past the Cliff Castle many times with hardly a glance...but now you've gone and made me want to go see it:)

JeanMac said...

We, too, love the food and beauty of casino restaurants. Luckier with dinner than gambling!