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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Several years ago I made it a habit to give handmade gifts, especially for baby showers, but over the years I have let it dwindle away. Recently I came up with an idea that is sort of handmade but without all the work.........................................

I go to my local used clothing store and find a cute basket and fill it with baby items. This one has disposable diapers lined around the inside, a rattle, a small baby bottle (from the dollar store) and a little cotton summer outfit that happened to be in the same color scheme of pink and purple. Makes for something a little different and saves money not buying one of those gift bags.
Do you have a favorite way to give gifts?


JeanMac said...

I'm not quite as creative - I buy gift bags:)

Chatty Crone said...

What a great idea! Cute.

smilnsigh said...

Since I'm not crafty, this looks like a perfect idea for me to copy! Otherwise, wrapping is always a problem for me. :-(

Miss Mari-Nanci
When Twilight Embraces

Granny Annie said...

That is a wonderful idea. I need to fix us several since there is a baby boom going on in our family right now.

Ming the Merciless said...

I like your idea!

I normally buy stuff that are edible like chocolates and cookies as presents. It's tough finding something someone wants without spending an arm and a leg.

My nieces wanted an American Doll each for their birthdays. And I found out those "dolls" cost about $90 each. Yikes!