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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Old home place

My hubby and I stayed at this place at least once a year in the past, due to a yearly competition in the area. I love it. The lady that owns it has a wonderful talent for decorating and has done wonders with this old authentic 30's dude ranch.

Many of the rooms surround this beautiful courtyard that is filled with plants and birds. A morning breakfast is included and if you click on their web site Rancho Sonora there are more wonderful pictures and some music to match:)
All the rooms have a western theme with special decor and several have had these really cool little showers with the arched stucco entry.
In one of the rooms we liked she took an old antique wood door and turned it sideways to make a headboard for a King size bed. She does magic with paint and frames things like "no smoking" and etc. She is always changing and adding things and this time there was new carpet throughout.
We no longer have the competition here and it is an out of the way place so am afraid that this may have been our last time to stay here:(


smilnsigh said...

Courtyard and dining room with views. Sounds wonderful.


JeanMac said...

Some folks are so talented -

adoodleaday said...

You'll have to find some other reason to visit next year then :)

Chatty Crone said...

It's wonderful how many adventures you go on. Chatty.