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Monday, April 21, 2008


I did it!!!!! I have been procrastinating for years about re-painting a stucco wall that surrounds my front courtyard and today it got done........I can't tell you how thrilled I am (pooped too). We added the wall for a special effect and painted it with the wrong color of paint (did not match exact the rest of the outside paint) and I have absolutely hated it but today is's the little things that count with me:)


smilnsigh said...

Congratulations!!! I do appreciate how great you feel. I'm a great procrastinator, myself. -sigh-

Thank you for leaving a comment, on my leaving CDPB post. I'll still be having fun with my photographs, on my blog. And still visiting people I've met. And I'll try to remember to put the link to my blog, after my signed name.


JeanMac said...

Yeah! Any pics coming up? Sounds nice.

Granny Annie said...

Good for you! We plan projects, we start projects, but we do not complete projects. Someday I hope to do that happy dance!